Is Mackenzie Crook his real name?

Is Mackenzie Crook his real name?

Mackenzie Crook
Born Paul James Crook 29 September 1971 Maidstone, Kent, England
Nationality British
Occupation Actor, comedian, director, writer
Years active 1996–present

Was Mackenzie Crook in the cafe?

The Cafe (TV Series 2011–2013) – Mackenzie Crook as Dave – IMDb.

What is Mackenzie Crook doing now?

Mackenzie lives with his wife, Lindsay, and children, Jude, 19, and Scout, 14, in north London, but he also owns eight acres of ancient woodland, an hour away in Essex, and gets out to the countryside whenever he can.

Is Mackenzie Crook married?

Lindsay CrookMackenzie Crook / Spouse (m. 2001)

Why did Mackenzie Crook change his name?

So how did you settle on the name Mackenzie? My family name used to be hyphenated Mackenzie-Crook but they dropped the Mackenzie a couple of generations ago. I just thought, rather than picking a name out of a hat, the family name is relevant.

What did Mackenzie Crook find?

Share All sharing options for: British Sitcom ‘Detectorists’ Is TV’s Buried Treasure. Early last year, English actor Mackenzie Crook found gold on the farm where he filmed the second season of Detectorists, the BBC comedy that he wrote, directed, and costarred in with Toby Jones.

Who is Toby Jones wife?

Karen JonesToby Jones / Wife

Did Andy and Lance find the gold?

Andy wonders why they do it; to be “time travellers” says Lance. As the show ends, Lance and Andy walk past the oak tree and notice the coins that have fallen from the Magpie nest above them. They’ve found their gold.

Why is Mackenzie Crook called Mackenzie?

My parents and my sisters still call me Paul, but my wife only knows me as Mackenzie. I’ve changed my name legally and everything and on my passport it says Mackenzie Crook. Even my oldest friends have all swapped round to Mackenzie now.

Where is Andy the Detectorist?

How to find Andy The Detectorist (Mackenzie Crook) in Lake. Andy The Detectorist (Mackenzie Crook) wanders around Providence Oaks using his metal detector. Andy appears in different locations on different days; these can include the farm, the hotel, and offroad by the lumber yard.

What disease does Toby Jones have?

Toby has a rare genetic disorder that his doctors haven’t been able to diagnose. He suffers from frequent seizures, a serious heart defect, and fluid in his brain, and he’s been in the hospital for more than a week with breathing problems. No one knows what will happen next, but it doesn’t look good.