Is Laurie Jennings still married?

Is Laurie Jennings still married?

Laurie Jennings Husband Jennings is married to Josh Salman. The couple has two young twin boys, Luke and Jake. Jennings’s boys, which were born in 2006 as “micro babies,” meaning extremely premature, weighed no more than a pound each at birth.

How old is Laurie Jennings WPLG?

How Old Is Laurie Jennings? Born in 1966, television news anchor Laurie Jennings present age is 52. She is America’s most sought-after and veteran broadcast journalist and news presenter employed at Florida’s local television station WPLG.

What is Laurie Jennings net worth?

Lori Jennings Net Worth Jennings has an estimated net worth of $ 100,000 – $ 100,000. Her career as a news anchor is her main source of income.

Where is Laurie Jennings working now?

Laurie has now launched her own broadcast media company, “Laurie Jennings LIVE”. As she transitions from a news anchor to a TV personality and brand ambassador, Laurie is offering her unique energy and skill set to companies and individuals looking to enhance their on-camera presence and their brand.

Where is Laura Jennings now?

Why did Laurie Jennings leave?

It’s called ‘People’,” said Laurie. After nearly two decades as one of South Florida’s top news anchors, Jennings announced her departure from the desk to spend more time with her family. However, that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to be a community resource. “It really started with United Way.

Is Calvin Hughes married?

Bacardi L. Jackson, EsqCalvin Hughes / Spouse

Who is Jacey Birch married to?

Bobby ConsoloJacey Birch / Spouse (m.?–2013)

Why did Laurie retire?

In her April 8 departure announcement, Jennings said she was stepping down from the anchor chair to spend more time with her aging parents, who are 80 and 87, and her twin sons who are 13-years-old.

Who is Laurie Jennings from WPLG?

See below for more details. Laurie Jennings, a woman with dark hair and a sweet, distinct smile, is a reporter and co-anchor for WPLG Local 10 News, an ABC-affiliate station based in South Florida. Jennings has been active in the South Florida community for quite some time and continues to do volunteer work whenever she can.

When is Laura Jennings’s birthday?

Laurie Jennings, who has a powerful voice, all thanks to her power of journalism, celebrates her birthday on 28th September every year with her friends and family members. While announcing to step down from her anchor desk work, she mentioned that her parents had turned 80 and 87 of age and wanted to give time for them.

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