Is Kyungsoo a good singer?

Is Kyungsoo a good singer?

Kyungsoo is such a gem among main vocalists that listening to EXO’s songs during his military enlistment admittedly felt incomplete. His eargasmic vocal runs and R&B-ish tone is one of the main reasons why the boy group’s discography remains a standout among their peers.

Does EXO sing in English?

opens up about singing in English & Spanish, choosing featuring artist Wonstein, & more for his solo debut album. In light of the release of his 1st solo mini album ‘Empathy’ back on July 26 at 6 PM KST, EXO’s D.O.

Does exo Kai Sing?

It’s actually between him and D.O.(vocal tone legend). He obviously does not have the best vocal technique or an above average one yet but there’s something about his honey(nasally as some would say) tone that makes my ears melt.

Is Do Kyungsoo a baritone?

Strengths: He is baritone and has really good lower range. He is powerful, pretty stable and can also support high notes fairly well. He has good dynamics and breath support. He is a great singer overall.

Who has best vocal in EXO?

Chen is among the very few male artists who can reach as high notes as a female. His strong and stable vocals are considered the best in EXO as well as among all male idols. He sings with the least tension, and as the vocal analyst said, he can easily go for 3 octaves and 3 notes. Chen.

What voice type is Chen?

While having a naturally high tenor voice and a lot of potential in range, Chen is one of these idols who has taken the time to show improvement and a good work ethic throughout his career as a member of EXO.

Can D.O. Kyung Soo speak English?

Chanyeol and Kyungsoo seem okay too. But none of them are really fluent. Originally Answered: Who speaks English fluently from EXO? They all can manage a conversation in English, its just they have accents.

Does D.O. Kyungsoo know Spanish?

Since the mini album dropped, fans have been raving over not just D.O.’s stunning vocals, but his spot-on Spanish pronunciation! On Reddit, one post was made dedicated to D.O.’s impressively fluent-sounding Spanish.

Does EXO always lip sync?

On EXO’s performances, under Live AR, it literally says OPEN MIC. EXO always sing live. The AR is used to show their background harmonies. It wasn’t there so they could lip sync their songs.

Did EXO do lip sync?

Yes, he was lip-syncing and he is probably the member that does lip-sync the most. He’s the main dancer and he’s not vocalist which mean that his role is not to make Exo sound good, they have vocalists and rappers for that. His role is to make Exo look good and he’s doing it perfectly.

What songs did do from Exo perform at his SM audition?

He performed Na Yoon-kwon’s “Anticipation” and Brown Eyed Soul ‘s “My Story” at his S.M. audition. D.O. was formally introduced as the eighth member of Exo on January 30, 2012. The group debuted on April 8 with the extended play Mama.

What are some interesting facts about DDO from Exo?

D.O (EXO) Profile and Facts; D.O’s Ideal Type. – He was born in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. – He was a kid ulzzang. – He officially joined SM Entertainment in 2010 after winning a singing competition. – His parents were very supportive of him becoming a singer.

What is EXO’s profile and facts?

D.O (EXO) Profile and Facts; D.O’s Ideal Type (Updated!) – He was born in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. – He was a kid ulzzang.

What happened to do from Exo?

In May 2019, D.O. was awarded V Live Popularity Award at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards. Later in May, he announced his upcoming enlistment for South Korea’s mandatory military service by posting a handwritten letter on Exo’s official fan club.