Is Khokhar a rajput?

Is Khokhar a rajput?

Khokhar Ranghar As most Rajput converts to Islam were in common parlance referred to as Ranghar, these Khokhars were also referred to as the Khokhar. The Emperor Babar himself is said to have granted the Khokhars jagir for the town of the Sambhal.

Is Khokhar a Jatt or rajput?

The Khokhar ( کھوکھر) are a tribe of Jatt status and they found in Rajputs also. Khokhars were designated as an agricultural tribe. There are different the oriespertaining to the origin of the Khokhar.

What caste is Khokhar?

Khokhar is a Baloch Jat clan found in Afghanistan.It is an important tribe of Punjab (Pakistan).

Are Khokhar Jats?

The Gakhars (also Gakkhar or Ghakhar or Ghakkar) are a Jat clan found predominantly on the Potohar plateau in the northern part of Pakistan’s Punjab province. In the 1990s, Gakhars who professed Islam were reported to be most prevalent in Hazara district and in northern districts of Punjab such as Rawalpindi district.

Is Khokhar a Pathan?

The Khokhars of Kot call themselves Pathans, which in eastern Uttar Pradesh does not donate a ethnicity, rather a status. What is interesting is that over the almost millennia in India, they have maintained the name Khokhar, which is clearly associated with the Salt Range region of Punjab.

What is Khokhar soldier?

Khokhar soldier means the soldier from the rajput community in Punjab .

Who is the chief of Khokhar?

Mustafa Jasrat Shaikha Khokhar (Urdu: مصطفی جسرت شیخا کھوکھر) was the chief of the Khokhars during 1420–1442.

What caste are people from Jhelum?

People of the Jhelum are simple and most of the population resides in villages. Major casts living in district Jhelum include Rajput, Jat, Kyanis. Since the area is not rich in agriculture, most of the people engage in different jobs other than cultivating crops.

Where is Gakkhars located?

Punjab province of Pakistan
The Gakhar is a clan of Punjabi Muslims found predominantly in the Potohar Plateau in the northern part of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The Gakhars follow Islam and are predominantly Muslims.

What is the origin of Khokhar tribe?

Khokhars origin is from Central Asia. They were perhaps Central Asian Huns who repeatedly attacked North India. They were same for north India’s empires as barbarians or Huns were for Roman Empire. They have very ancient and important history that needs to be researched.