Is HerRoom a reputable site?

Is HerRoom a reputable site?

Overview. HerRoom has a consumer rating of 4.65 stars from 51,588 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. HerRoom ranks 3rd among Plus Size sites.

Who owns HerRoom?

Tomima Edmark
Tomima Edmark, who founded HerRoom in 1998, gets what women are looking for – at least when it comes to underwear.

Where is HerRoom Company located?

Dallas, Texas
HerRoom is an online lingerie and men’s underwear retailer based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded and is owned by Tomima Edmark, inventor of the TopsyTail.

How do I contact HerRoom?

In the unlikely event that we inadvertently shipped incorrect merchandise, please contact us immediately at 214-838-5955. A photo of the item may also be requested. We will issue you a pre-paid label for your return, and you will not be charged for the shipping cost of the replacement product.

What is HisRoom?

Based in Dallas, Texas, with a dedicated staff, HisRoom is your online one-stop shop for men’s underwear, swim and activewear and wardrobe basics, for every budget, size and style preference.

How do I return to bare necessities?

In order to return a package to us, you must have a Return Authorization Codewhich will be sent to you via e-mail following the submission of the return form. All refunds and exchanges MUST fill out and submit the return form below before your request can be processed.

Who owns Marie Jo lingerie?

The company was founded in 1919 by Achiel and Margaret Van de Velde and is still owned by the same family. In 1990, the company bought German lingerie brand Prima Donna….Van de Velde N.V.

Type Naamloze vennootschap
Traded as Euronext: VAN
ISIN BE0003839561
Industry Manufacturing; Retail
Founded 1919

What is full cup bra?

What does full cup mean? True to its name, a full cup bra features cups that fully cover the breasts. That means you won’t see breast tissue or cleavage at the top of the bra, as the cups encapsulate them completely.

What is HerRoom and how does it work?

How Does It Work? Like any other online retailer, women can go to and search through their inventory of items by brand, item type, or sale items. The website says that they strive to provide their shoppers with as much information about the product as possible, including detailed descriptions and customers’ reviews.

What is HerRoom’s return policy on returns?

I returned it in the EXACT condition I received it and HerRoom denied the return saying the “garment was not in pristine condition.” Their return policy is a fraudulent misrepresentation of their actual practice which is to deny a customer’s return.

What do you think about HerRoom Bras?

The pri from HerRoom was excellent. Beautiful color, excellent fit. It is difficult to find a good fitting bra for naturally large breasts and a small band, that is also comfortable and looks pretty. This one checked all the boxes.