Is Feb intake available in Australia?

Is Feb intake available in Australia?

Australia generally has two intakes i.e. February and July, with few universities offering multiple intakes in September & November. You should start your admission process around six months before the application deadline. Typically most universities have three deadlines, during one intake.

When can I apply for July intake in Australia?

Australia July intake deadline falls around the months of April and May. so be quick and apply before the due date.

Is May intake available in Australia?

Predominantly, February and July intakes in Australian universities are open for full-time Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Research Oriented programs and PhDs. Further, Australian universities have formulated different admission intakes for vocational courses and these intakes open in January, May or July.

Which universities are open for application 2021 in Australia?

Application Deadlines for Australian Universities/Colleges

University Top courses Deadline
University of Melbourne Masters of data science 30 November 2021 (Closed)
University of South Wales MBA 1 February 2022 (Closed)
BSc Computer science 31 March 2022
University of Queensland MBA 30 April 2022

Which intake is better in Australia?

2. Try To Make It as Early as possible. As already told above that the February intake is considered more convenient as compared to the July intake, hence, it is considered as the primary intake as well. After your student visa gets approved, make a list of your preferred universities and colleges.

How much gap is accepted for study in Australia?

Most individual universities in Australia have their own set of criteria for admissions. While gap year acceptability varies from one university to another, small gaps of one or two years are normal. You will however need to justify large gaps of three to four years though.

Is November intake good for Australia?

The major benefit of applying to universities during the November Intake in Australia is less competition. Since most candidates opt for February and July intake, the number of applicants applying for courses during the November intake is less and the chances of getting your desired programme are high!

Is Lor required for Australia?

In Australian universities, LORs are generally a compulsory requirement for post-graduate courses whether they are master’s degrees of taught courses or research courses. Normally one/two Academic LORs, and one professional LOR are asked from the applicant.

Which intake you are planning to come to Australia?


The University of Western Australia* 01 December 01 July
RMIT, Melbourne October April
University of Technology, Sydney 30 December 30 April
Queensland University of Technology 28 January 24 June

Can I study in Australia in 2022?

Although the year 2022 has brought some good news for overseas learners as the Australian government opened its borders for international students, provided work visa extensions, and a host of other benefits to international students.

Is Gap accepted in Australia?

Which intake is good for Australia?

Semester 1 (Starts in Late February or Early March) Most international students prefer to opt for the July intake in Australia, but the February intake is the primary intake season since most pursued and sought-out courses are offered in this particular semester after study in Australia.

How do I apply for mid-year intake in Victoria?

Submit your course application Domestic students apply for mid-year intake through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). When you apply you must disclose any tertiary study that you’ve undertaken at any institution. Mid-year applications open with VTAC 9am Wednesday 7 April 2021.

What is the primary intake in Australia?

As we have mentioned, the February (also called semester 1), is the primary intake in Australia and most of the courses, almost all the courses are offered during the February intake by almost all the universities. The Universities also offer courses in July, and if you miss admission by any means in February, July is an option for you.

How many students apply for mid-year intake each year?

Thousands of students apply for the mid-year intake each year ” some because they ™ve extended their summer holidays to do some overseas travel, while others just want a more flexible start date for their course. Intrigued? Here ™s what you need to know.

What is February intake in Australia?

February intake is the Primary (main) Intake in Australia, and as the name suggests it starts in February, the secondary intake falls in July. Like most of the countries, the Primary intake will have the most number of the courses offered by almost every University.