Is Elastofibroma hereditary?

Is Elastofibroma hereditary?

Rarely, elastofibromas may be multiple in the same individual. In up to one third of cases, the patient has a family history of the tumor, suggesting a nontraumatic genetic origin.

What is Elastofibroma dorsi?

Elastofibroma dorsi is an uncommon benign soft tissue pseudotumour usually located at the lower pole of the scapula, deep to serratus anterior, and often attached to the periosteum of the ribs, presenting with long history of swelling and occasionally pain and discomfort.

Is Elastofibroma cancerous?

Elastofibromas are rare benign, soft-tissue slow-growing tumors seen predominantly in elderly females. The most common location is the infrascapular region. These benign tumors require resection only in symptomatic cases.

What is Linitis?

Listen to pronunciation. (lih-NY-tis plas-TIH-kuh) A rare type of stomach cancer that begins in the lining of the stomach and spreads to the muscles of the stomach wall. This causes the wall of the stomach to become thick, hard, and rubbery, which leads to trouble digesting food.

What is Blumer shelf?

The neoplastic thickening of the cul-de-sac of Douglas is known as “Blumer’s shelf”. It is palpable on rectal examination as a protrusion in the form of a projection, and it presents in patients affected by carcinomas with diffuse infiltration.

How common is Elastofibroma dorsi?

Abstract. Elastofibroma dorsi is a rare, slow-growing, ill-defined soft tissue tumor of the chest wall, most commonly located beneath the rhomboid major and latissimus dorsi muscles. It is usually unilateral, and bilateral involvement occurs in only 10% of patients.

Are Fibrosarcomas painful?

It takes time for fibrosarcoma symptoms to surface. And when they do, they can resemble symptoms of other, less serious conditions. Typical symptoms of fibrosarcoma include: A painful soft lump.

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What is lentigo maligna?

The word lentiginous comes from the latin for freckle . Lentigo maligna is a histopathological variant of melanoma in situ. Lentigo maligna is sometimes classified as a very early melanoma, and sometimes as a precursor to melanoma.

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