Is Egmont Key good for snorkeling?

Is Egmont Key good for snorkeling?

EGMONT KEY IS THE GEM OF TAMPA BAY! This exquisite island is home to white pristine beaches, shelling, nature trails and warm Gulf water inviting you in for swimming and snorkeling. The beautiful Island Key supplies the Tampa Bay area with interesting history and vivid beauty.

Can you swim to Egmont Key?

In addition to touring the historic sites and trails, visitors can enjoy swimming, fishing, wildlife viewing and picnicking. Egmont Key is located at the mouth of Tampa Bay, southwest of Fort DeSoto Beach. Due to the remote nature of the island, there is no drinking water on the island and there are no stores.

How much does it cost to go to Egmont Key?

The ferry to Egmont Key runs twice each day (10:00am and 11:00am) during the regular season (Feb 17 – September 7.) It returns back to Fort DeSoto at 2:00pm and 3:00pm. The cost (now) is $20 for each passenger. You pay as you board the boat.

Can you stay on Egmont Key?

But be prepared, because while plenty of people may be on the island, Egmont Key is remote. It has no cars, no drinking water and no bathrooms. You must arrive by boat and, no, you can’t camp overnight.

Is Egmont Key worth visiting?

Worth the trip to this beautiful Island. This was a really fun way to see some of Florida’s great coast and parks. We took a ferry out of the Fort De Soto State Park. Very easy to get too.

Can you stay overnight at Egmont Key?

What happened at Egmont Key?

Egmont Key was occupied by military forces several times in the course of its history. At the end of the Third Seminole War (1855 – 1858), the United States Army detained Indian prisoners here including, it is believed, the well-known Billy Bowlegs.

Can you live on Egmont Key?

COMMENTS: No residents. Now a park. Egmont Key is an island in the mouth of Tampa Bay that is only accessable by boat. There is a ferry and boats can be chartered to explore the island.

Why choose Egmont Key snorkeling?

Can’t wait to see yours! Egmont Key snorkeling is particularly well suited for the novice, because the water is so frequently clear, calm, shallow, and full of life. People of all ages and experience levels will take home wonderful memories about their time in the water with us.

What to do at Egmont Key?

Once at Egmont Key, you are free to explore this tropical island with ruins dating to the 1700’s a working lighthouse, shelling where an abundance of sea shells constantly wash onshore. Then we will take you snorkeling in the clear waters of Egmont key.

Can you see sea birds on Egmont Key?

We often spot sea birds on the ride to and from Egmont Key Island aboard the Hubbard’s Ferry, our big blue boat. Once on the island, Egmont Key offers great shelling, swimming, and opportunities for adventures. There is even a large fort on the island named Fort Dade you can access and explore.

Why choose Egmont Key cruises?

The wildlife possibilities on the way to Egmont Key are magnificent, and our smaller less intrusive vessels allow us to approach closer without imposing on the wildlife. From dolphins and manatees, to stingrays and birds, to gopher tortoises.