Is diamond International legit?

Is diamond International legit?

Beware! We just got back from Cozumel where we purchased two rings and a watch from Diamonds international. While we did not feel like it was a spectacular deal, like was represented to us by our port and shopping guides on our boat, we still walked away with a purchase.

Who is the owner of Diamonds International?

Diamonds International is one of the largest jewelry retailers in the world. We have more locations in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Alaska than any other fine jeweler, with the company’s headquarters in New York City. The founders of Diamonds International are Morris, Albert & Donna Gad and Abe & Wendy Tarapani.

Can you negotiate at international diamond center?

Only those who do their research know that diamond prices are negotiable at most stores. Barring Tiffany’s and online retailers there is no reason why you can’t negotiate a lower price for your diamond than the sticker price. To do this you have to be firm and shrewd.

Which is more expensive diamond or tanzanite?

Tanzanite Vs Diamond It’s been said that Tanzanite is like Diamond, but Tanzanite is at least 1000x more valuable and more rare than Diamond. Diamonds have been minded in large quantities.

What is worth more than a diamond?

Generally, the cost per carat (or weight of a gemstone) is based upon a stone’s rarity; the rarer the stone, the more expensive. Therefore, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are much rarer and, in turn, far more expensive than diamonds.

Why buy from Diamonds International?

Having served more than 5 million satisfied customers over the past 30 years, Diamonds International has become the most trusted, and referred, fine jewelry retailer of travelers in the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska.

How long has Diamond Cutters International been in business?

For over 34 years, Diamond Cutters International has helped hundreds of thousands of couples around the world find the right diamond and create the perfect ring. Every ring tells a story. It reflects your love. Come in to Diamond Cutters International – or just give us a call.

Why IDs diamonds?

IDS employ some of the brightest minds to engineer and manufacture such diamonds, locally. Built on over 30 years of service, we pride ourselves on quality products, delivering on a promise of consistency and game changing technology.