Is Destiny Cable same as Sky Cable?

Is Destiny Cable same as Sky Cable?

Destiny Cable is the second-largest cable TV provider in the Philippines with operations in Metro Manila and Cebu. Now under the ownership of SKY Cable Corporation, Destiny Cable is geared to provide more Filipino families with quality TV viewing through digital cable TV technology and varied yet relevant content.

What happened to Destiny Cable?

Destiny Cable is the 2nd largest cable TV provider in the Philippines….Destiny Cable.

Type Brand
Defunct December 31, 2018
Headquarters 6th Floor, ELJ Communications Center, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center, Mother Ignacia Ave., Diliman, Quezon City
Services Analog and digital cable television, Pay per view
Owner Sky Cable Corporation

Who owns Destiny Cable?

Sky Cable
5-B deal. MANILA, Philippines – Lopez-owned Sky Cable Corp. has acquired the cable television business of rival Destiny Cable Inc. (DCI) and Uni-Cable TV Inc.

How do I check my destiny cable bill?

Text BILL to 23662 – to request for your current bill information.

How do you pay for Destiny Cable?


  1. Banknet.
  2. Megalink*
  3. BPI Express Teller.
  4. Chinabank*
  5. Landbank.

How do I subscribe to Destiny Cable?

To subscribe and to know more about Destiny Cable, call the Customer Service Hotline at 418 0000 or email [email protected]. You may also stay updated via Destiny Cable’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

How do I cancel Sky Cable Philippines?

To cancel Sky TV, you need to give us 31 days’ notice, unless you’re within your cooling off period. Please don’t cancel your Direct Debit or any other ongoing payment with us, as further payments may still be due.

How do I view my Sky bill online?

You may check your current balance by logging on to, or via the mySKY app. Just go to “Account Overview” inside the “My Profile” tab, and then choose the registered account you’d like to check. Press “View Full Bill” and then choose latest bill available to see your current bill.

Is Sky Cable same as Sky Broadband?

Sky Fiber. Sky Fiber (formerly Sky Broadband) is the broadband internet service brand of Sky launched in early 2011. The assets of MyDestiny broadband internet was consolidated in this brand after the acquisition from Solid Broadband Corporation.

How do I contact skycable?

We understand your need to have fast and ready answers to questions or concerns with regard to your SKY service. To help you with this, we have equipped our Customer Self-Help Hotline +63 2 3381000 to provide you with the information you need with a few taps on your phone.

What happens if I cancel my Sky subscription?

If you cancel your Sky subscription then you can keep the box as you own a Sky+ box and it will continue to receive the free channels but you will be unable to record them or watch any recordings back you might have made.

What happens if I dont pay my Sky cable bill?

What happens if I’m unable to pay on my due date? Your service will be temporarily disconnected, but can be reconnected within 24 hours upon settling of your bill.