Is Braun and Oral-B the same?

Is Braun and Oral-B the same?

Braun and Oral-B are both P&G brands, and they’re designed and engineered in our Global Center of Excellence in Kronberg, Germany.

Why did my Braun toothbrush stop working?

Internal Toothbrush Fault There are two main causes for charging faults inside the toothbrush, either damaged components for example from being dropped or from water seeping inside, or a failed battery.

What do you do when your electric toothbrush stops working?

How Can I Identify an Electric Toothbrush Problem?

  1. If the appliance doesn’t work at all, make sure the power is on at the outlet, then test the electrical cord and battery recharger with a multimeter and replace the cord or charger if needed.
  2. If the unit still doesn’t work, clean the charger post.

Can you get an electric shock from using a toothbrush?

This can cause an electric shock. If you are undergoing treatment for any oral care condition, consult your dental professional prior to use. This toothbrush is a personal care device and is not intended for use on multiple patients in a dental practice or institution.

What toothbrushes are compatible with Oral-B brush heads?

Compatible with Oral-B brush heads for every oral care need: CrossAction, FlossAction, Precision Clean, 3D White, Sensitive Gum Care, Deep Sweep, Dual Clean. Does not fit iO brush heads Product packing may vary. Oral-B is the No:1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide.

How do I use the Oral-B «Trizone» brush head?

When using the Oral-B «TriZone» brush head place the toothbrush bristles against the teeth at a slight angle towards the gum line. Apply light pressure and start brushing in back and forth motions, just like you would do with a manual toothbrush.

Which brush mode should I use if I have sensitive teeth?

If you have sensitive teeth and/or gums, Oral-B recommends using the «Sensitive» mode (depending on model) (optional in combination with an Oral-B «Sensitive» brush head). Brushing modes (depending on model) 1- mode 2- modes 3- modes 4- modes Brushing modes (for handle type 3766) Daily Clean – Standard for daily mouth cleaning