Is Alexander Dumble still alive?

Is Alexander Dumble still alive?

Celebrated amp builder Howard Alexander Dumble, the man behind the revered Dumble guitar amps, has passed away. The news was confirmed today (January 18) on Dumble’s official Instagram account in a statement that read, “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Howard.

Is the Zendrive a Dumble?

Hermida Audio – Zendrive The Hermida Audio Zendrive* is probably the most famous of the D-style pedals out there. Designed by Alfonso Hermida, it’s based on Robben Ford’s Dumble tone, and is used by the man himself, when he can’t have his signature amp on stage with him.

How much does a new Dumble amp cost?

Alexander Dumble designed what many consider the world’s greatest guitar amplifier – if you want one, it’ll cost you $50,000.

What Dumble did SRV use?

Vaughan first discovered the amps of legendary Los Angeles boutique-amp pioneer Alexander “Howard” Dumble when recording Texas Flood at Jackson Browne’s Downtown Studios in 1982, using Browne’s Dumbleland 300-watt bass amp to record most of the tracks during the sessions.

What happened to Dumble amps?

Dumble was a guitar amplifier manufacturer in Los Angeles, California. He died in January 2022. In the one-person operation, Alexander “Howard” Dumble made each amp personally. Because of this, Dumble amplifiers are the most expensive boutique amplifiers on the used market, and prices have risen rapidly.

What tubes did Dumble use?

Re: Dumble tube choices Mullard ECC83, GE 12AX7, GE 12T7, GE 12AU7, EI 7025 (80ies Telefunken clone), Amperex ECC83, Mullard EF86 (last version), GE12BH7, GE12AY7, GE 5751, Philips 7025, Sylvania 7025. Power amp: GE 6L6GC, Philips Sylvania 6l6GC STR, Sovtek 5881, GE 6550A, Chinese KT88 from the late eighties.

Where Are Mad Professor pedals made?

Since 2002, Mad Professor has been designing and manufacturing pedals from its Finland headquarter. It has progressed rapidly from its humble beginnings and has grown to be a well-established firm in an extremely competitive field.

Who uses a Dumble amp?

Jason Isbell, Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Robben Ford, and more top string benders talk about how much they loved Howard Dumble’s amps and what made them so special to plug into.

How much does a Dumble Overdrive Special Cost?

Listed by Play It Again Music, the ’95 Overdrive Special is said to be wholly original, and have only 20 hours of playing time since 2001. Given its rarity, and with, allegedly, so little wear and tear, the amp has been listed for an astonishing $175,000.