Is Aldi closed on Boxing Day?

Is Aldi closed on Boxing Day?

When is Aldi open on Boxing Day? Aldi stores will also remain closed on Boxing Day 2021. Its shops will open again on December 27 where most branches will welcome customers from 8am until 8pm.

Why is Aldi closed on Boxing Day?

Aldi will close its stores as usual on Christmas Day, and will once again keep all stores shut on Boxing Day as a thank you to colleagues in recognition of their hard work throughout the year.

Are supermarkets open Boxing Day UK?

To reward their hard-working staff, some of the UK’s biggest retailers will be staying closed on Boxing Day.

Is Lidl closed on Christmas Day?

Lidl will be closed on Christmas Day.

Can Boxing Day fall on a Sunday?

Unlike the contemporary understanding of Boxing Day itself, the bank holiday or public holiday associated with the observance always falls on a weekday. Where 26 December falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the Boxing Day substitute holiday always takes place on 28 December.

Are Morrisons open Boxing Day?

Many of the major UK supermarkets are choosing to remain closed on Boxing Day this year as a way of thanking their staff for their hard work throughout the pandemic. Morrisons was the first to announce that all of their stores across the country will be closed on December 26.

How do I get in touch with Aldi Winsford?

Take a look at the official homepage when planning your trip to ALDI Winsford, or phone the direct service number at 0800 042 0800 for precise info about the seasonal hours of opening.

What time does Aldi open on Christmas Eve?

Check out the opening times for your local Aldi before you plan your visit. Don’t forget that we’re open as usual from 8am until 10pm Monday to Friday in the run-up to Christmas Eve. Please note that the times shown above apply to most of our Aldi UK stores but this may vary.

Why is Aldi so popular in the UK?

Aldi is the sublime result of two German brothers who went with a “no-frills” approach to grocery shopping. And their venture certainly paid off, as this retail giant, named as 2020’s ‘Favourite Supermarket’ by Good Housekeeping readers, remains one of the UK’s most popular supermarket chains.