Is a libertarian a socialist?

Is a libertarian a socialist?

In the context of the European socialist movement, the term libertarian has been conventionally used to describe socialists who opposed authoritarianism and state socialism such as Mikhail Bakunin and largely overlaps with social anarchism, although individualist anarchism is also libertarian socialist.

What is libertarian communism?

Historically libertarian communism was the program of the anarcho-syndicalist labor movement. It’s necessary here to understand that before the Russian revolution “socialism” and “communism” were generally used interchangeably by many socialists.

What is the difference between libertarianism and libertarian socialism?

In this tradition, the term “libertarianism” in “libertarian socialism” is generally used as a synonym for anarchism, which some say is the original meaning of the term; hence libertarian socialism is equivalent to “socialist anarchism” to these scholars.

Is libertarianism left or right wing?

The libertarian is neither right nor left (although usually gravitates from being a part or clique of the right/left orthodoxy), but rather is opposed to authoritarianism. Consistent with libertarian culture are ideals which can be collectivist, but they are NOT authoritarian.

What are the libertarian socialist currents?

Other libertarian socialist currents include post-classical anarchist tendencies as well as tendencies which cannot be easily classified within the anarchist/Marxist division.