Is a 2007 Rabbit a Mk5?

Is a 2007 Rabbit a Mk5?

2007 Volkswagen Rabbit Mk5 – Bunny On A Budget.

How much horsepower does a 2007 VW Rabbit have?

150 hp2007 Volkswagen Rabbit / Horsepower

Is a 2007 VW Rabbit a golf?

A return-to-its-roots approach meant to attract the young and hip is now in effect, and leading the charge is the 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit. This isn’t really an all-new model for Volkswagen; rather, it’s the next generation of the Golf hatchback.

Is Volkswagen automatic or manual?

Manual transmissions are currently found mainly across VW Group Brand’s (Skoda, Audi, Seat) entry-level cars or in the sports versions of cars like the Volkswagen GTi. But the shift towards automatic transmissions was inevitable, and this radical change has taken decades.

Are VW Rabbits fast?

The Volkswagen Rabbit S top speed is 209 Km/h / 130 mph.

Does 2007 VW Rabbit have timing belt?

The 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit 2.5L uses a timing chain on its engine. You typically don’t replace these parts, witH100k miles being about when You’d maybe check if it needs maintenance at all.