How wide is a Ute?

How wide is a Ute?

The height, measured from the ground to the top of the car, ranges from 1480mm to 1497mm depending on the variant. The width is 1899mm across all variants. The length ranges from 5040mm to 5055mm. The dimensions shown above are for the Holden Ute base, 3.6L, ULP, 6 SP AUTO .

How long is a Holden Crewman tray?

The tray is almost 1500mm long and a little more than 1400mm wide. With the tailgate dropped flat, length is 2100mm and Holden is already working on genuine accessory tray extenders.

Are Holden Crewman all wheel drive?

Cross 8’s major feature over the Crewman is its all wheel drive system, which is set up for a rear bias (62:38).

What engine is in a VY crewman?

Holden Commodore (VY)
Engine V6 3.8 L 152 kW (204 hp): ECOTEC 3.8 L 171 kW: (229 hp) Supercharged V8 5.7 L 225 kW (302 hp): Gen III LS1 5.7 L 235 kW (315 hp): Gen III LS1 5.7 L 245 kW (329 hp): Gen III LS1
Transmission 5-speed Getrag 260 manual 6-speed manual TREMEC T56 4-speed automatic GM 4L60-E

What is the length of a VE ute?

Holden Commodore IV (VE) SV6 Ute Size, Dimensions, Aerodynamics and Weight
Wheelbase : 291.5 cm or 114.76 inches
Length : 489.4 cm or 192.68 inches
Width : 189.9 cm or 74.76 inches
Height : 147.6 cm or 58.11 inches

How long is a VE ute?

Holden Commodore (VE)
Wheelbase 2,915 mm (114.8 in)
Length 4,894–4,900 mm (192.7–192.9 in) (sedan) 4,896–4,904 mm (192.8–193.1 in) (wagon)
Width 1,899 mm (74.8 in)
Height 1,471–1,476 mm (57.9–58.1 in)

How long is a crewman tub?

Structural strength was enhanced, in part, through two high-strength boxes (one for general storage, the other housing the jack) under the rear bench seat. The tub borrows much from the standard Holden Ute. Dimensions are 1463mm in length, 1438mm width and 484mm height.

How much can a Holden Crewman carry?

The four-door Crewman will accommodate up to five people and has a maximum carrying capacity of more than 1,000 kilograms. (including occupants, fuel and accessories). Like its One Tonner stablemate, the Crewman gains its strength from a unique torque arm system that links the chassis to the cabin.

How much can a Holden Crewman tow?

2006 Holden Crewman braked* towing capacity starts from 2100kg….Ute.

SSZ 5.7L, Regular Unleaded Petrol, 6 SPEED MANUAL 5.7L, ULP, 6 SP MAN 2500kg

How wide is a Holden Crewman diff?

The width ranges from 1870mm to 1954mm.

Are VY and VZ Auto the same?

The VY is the earlier car series compared to the VZ, which was launched two years after. 2. The wagon models of the Commodore VY have 5 doors compared to the wagons of VZ, which only has 4 doors. 3.

What are the specifications of the Holden ute/Crewman One Tonner?

HOLDEN UTE / CREWMAN / ONE TONNER SPECIFICATIONS 175kW, 3.6 litre high 235kW, 5.7 litre Alloy 250kW, 5.7 litre Alloy performance Generation III Generation III Alloytec V6 engine V8 engine V8 engine

What is the towing capacity of a Holden Ute?

Towing (kg)Holden appr oved towing package available. T owing capacity is 1600kg for all Ute models, as well as V6 manual and V8 manual Cr ewman and One T onner models. 2100kg for V6 automatic Crewman and One Tonner models. 2500kg for V8 automatic Crewman and One Tonner models

Is the Holden Crewman a pickup?

Holden was away from the GM HQ and managed to go under the radar when it built the Holden Crewman. At a glance, it might be mistaken for a four-door pickup based on a sedan. While the performance pickups were dead in the U.S., the Australians kept loving them and produced them.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Toyota Ute?

Petrol Tank Capacity (Ute): 70L Petrol Tank Capacity (One Tonner): 68.5L Petrol Tank Capacity (Crewman): 68.5L Petrol Tank Capacity (Monaro): 70L Differential: Alloytec V6 Ratio: 3.08:1 Alloytec 190 V6 Ratio: 2.87:1