How to defeat glittering fury swtor?

How to defeat glittering fury swtor?

Set your companion to ‘tank’, take one hit at it to start the fight, then hide around a corner of the room so you don’t get hit by the big beam weapon. Your companion will have the droid killed in no time!

How do you beat Toborro?

Just sit behind the droid and hit it without worrying about mechanics. Aside from aoe, the droid does little damage, so even not geared companion should survive just fine. If you are dps, you’ll kill droid before he kills your tank comp. If you are a healer, you can help your companion survive long enough.

How do you beat Toborros droid?

Set your companion to TANK. Have them attack and tank the droid. YOU stand behind the droid and kill it. Your companion will survive the laser attack you will take minimal damage.

How do you beat the isotope 5 droid?

Focus on killing the refueling droid (they are weak and should be taken down in 1 – 2 moves) and one should drop a gold item (can’t remember what it is called). After killing a few refueling droids, one of the blast shields behind the boss droid should disappear.

How do you get to Toborro’s courtyard?

Toborro’s Courtyard is a level 55 weekly operation mission on the planet Makeb. It is obtained from an operation mission terminal.

What is TC GF Swtor?

TC = Toborro’s Courtyard. GftM = Gods from the Machine. LFG = Looking for group. BRB = Be right back. LFM = Looking for more.

What is DwT Swtor?

DwT (DPS with Taunt) is just a DPS class that has a taunt (so juggernaut, assassin or powertech). Or on the Republic side, Guardian, Shadow, or Vanguard.

How do you do operations in swtor?

You form an OPS by inviting someone to group and then (assuming you’re the group leader) right clicking your own portrait and finding the dropdown that says “convert group to operation.”

What is DwT in swtor?

What is Rxp Swtor?

RXP. Renown Experience (level 75) CXP. old term for Renown Experience (“Command” Experience)

What does NiM mean in swtor?

Nightmare mode
NiM = Nightmare mode. FP = Flashpoint (dungeons)

What is TC gf in swtor?