How successful was the Old Spice commercial?

How successful was the Old Spice commercial?

The original, 2010 commercial was a success, garnering over 57 million views on YouTube over the last decade. At the time of launch, it also helped the brand attract younger customers said Krehbiel. Old Spice’s core customer demo is men 35 to 55 years old.

Who is in the Old Spice commercial The Man Your Man Could Smell Like?

The Old Spice guy is back for the 10th anniversary of ‘Smell Like a Man, Man’ commercial. Isaiah Mustafa, the “Old Spice Guy,” is back in a new campaign for the Procter & Gamble brand. Mustafa is joined by “Straight Outta Compton” actor Keith Powers in the new campaign.

Who made Old Spice commercial?

Smell Like a Man, Man is a television advertising campaign in the United States created by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy for Old Spice. The campaign is also commonly referred to as The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, being the title of the campaign’s initial 30-second commercial.

Which was the new tagline Old Spice used?

Old Spice has revived its ‘Smell Like a Man, Man’ tagline in a new campaign that marks the tenth anniversary of the original commercial.

Who is the new face of Old Spice?

You may not know the name Isaiah Mustafa…but you will. This former professional football player is the new face of Old Spice cologne, and since his shirtless ads premiered, he’s been steaming up TVs across America. “That commercial has women everywhere wishing their guys looked and smelled like this,” Oprah says.

How did Old Spice rebrand?

To catch up with the changing market, they launched one of the most successful rebrands of the decade. Featuring new commercials, new packaging, a new site design, and a complete upheaval of their entire marketing scheme, Old Spice completed a full rebrand in an effort to attract a broader, younger customer base.

Who are the couple that does the Old Spice commercial?

Distraught over having to share his Old Spice Fiji Hand & Body lotion with his partner, comedian Deon Cole struggles his way though a couple’s therapy session with fellow comedian Gabrielle Dennis.

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