How rare is a hitchhiker thumb?

How rare is a hitchhiker thumb?

The conclusion from this 1953 study was that hitchhiker’s thumb is a recessive trait. In 2011, researchers found that in a random sample of 310 people in Nigeria, 32.3% had hitchhiker’s thumb. Of those with hitchhiker’s thumb, 15.5% were male and 16.8% female.

What percentage of the world has hitchhikers thumb?

Prevalence of hitchhiker’s thumb Hitchhiker’s thumb hasn’t been studied extensively, and there is little to no data on its prevalence in the United States or worldwide. However, a 2012 study found that 32.3 percent of a random sample of 310 people had hitchhiker’s thumb.

Is hitchhiker’s thumb an advantage?

The distal joint plays an important role in keeping the thumb straight. When the distal joint hyperextends, it enables the thumb to bend backward, creating the hitchhiker’s thumb. Having a hitchhiker’s thumb is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage.

What does having a straight thumb mean?

Your thumb is straight If it is straight and not flexible, you are a stubborn person who likes to dominate. Some people might think that you look like a stone with your poker face, but admire that you keep your promises. They can always rely on you.

Is freckles dominant or recessive?

This trait is reportedly due to a single gene; the presence of freckles is dominant, the absence of freckles is recessive1. Early geneticists reported that curly hair was dominant and straight hair was recessive. More recent scientists believe that more than one gene may be involved.

What is it called when your thumbs are different sizes?

Brachydactyly is a congenital condition that a person is born with. It leads to someone’s fingers and toes being much shorter than average compared to the general size of their body.

What your thumb reveals about you?

Your thumb is flexible If you have a flexible finger, you’re more expressive and emotional than people with straight thumbs. This shape is also called the Hitchhiker’s thumb. People like you easily adapt to changing circumstances and new environments. You are very creative and artistic.

What does Club thumb mean?

If you have a problem called “clubbed fingers,” it might be because you have another condition along with it, like lung disease or heart disease. It is a congenital condition, meaning that you are born with it. When you have clubbed fingers and thumbs, the tissue under your nailbeds swell and soften.

Is Hitchhiker’s thumb dominant or recessive?

Some people with hitchhiker’s thumb may have acquired two recessive copies, or alleles, of the gene that determines thumb straightness. This means that the trait for hitchhiker’s thumb was present in both parents of the person born with it.

What is hitchhiker thumb deformity?

Hitchhiker thumb deformity, also known as Z-thumb or duckbill thumb , is used to both describe the appearance of the thumb on physical examination and also the corresponding radiographic appearance. It is similar to how a person would normally angulate and hold out the thumb with the intention to hitchhike.

How common is Hitchhiker’s Thumb in India?

Of those with hitchhiker’s thumb, 15.5% were male and 16.8% female. In a 2007 study of populations of different regions in India, hitchhiker’s thumb was found to be rarer in those from northern, western, and eastern India. Nearly 30% of participants from southern India had hitchhiker’s thumb. Hitchhiker’s Thumb and Genetics

What is the medgen UID for hitchhiker thumb?

Hitchhiker thumb (Concept Id: C0431887) With the hand relaxed and the thumb in the plane of the palm, the axis of the thumb forms an angle of at least 90 degrees with the long axis of the hand. Image details Hitchhiker thumb MedGen UID: 609206 •Concept ID: C0431887 Congenital Abnormality Synonyms: Abducted thumb; Hitch-hiker thumb SNOMED CT: