How much were Super Bowl tickets in 2012?

How much were Super Bowl tickets in 2012?

Super Bowl tickets starting at $2,800 – Jan. 26, 2012.

How much is the average NFL season ticket?

Overall, with an average price of $465 NFL tickets for the 2021 season are 88% higher than the 2019. That number has been going up pretty steadily since 2012 when the average price across the league was $190, but after a 2020 season with limited fans, on no fans at all, demand is at a record high.

What is the average price for a football ticket?

The average ticket price for an NFL game is $151, according to SeatGeek data.

How much were Super Bowl tickets in 2010?

(The last time Miami hosted the Super Bowl, in 2010, the average ticket price was $2,679.) The cheapest overall ticket TickPick has sold for this year so far was $3,560 per ticket (still much higher than past get-in prices) and the most expensive ticket it has sold so far was $17,400.

How much were Super Bowl tickets in 2017?

Super Bowl Ticket Prices 2017 Prices dropped a staggering $2,000 and were available for $2,250 (as of 1/30/17). But the volatility has been high, and prices have increased by $400 and the get-in price is now $2,650 (as of 2/2/17). So what were we to make of all this?

How much is a ticket to the Super Bowl 2022?

The 2022 Super Bowl ticket packages listed on On Location start at $5,822.50 per person. Depending on seat location and package details, listings even go up to $25,925.00 per person for VIP sections in their Club 67 Hospitality section.

How much were Super Bowl tickets in 2014?

The current listing at shows $3,431 as the average price, with $1,500 being the cheapest ticket available and a whopping $719,420 stub being the most expensive.

What is the difference between average ticket price and season ticket price?

The average ticket price represents the weighted average price across each team’s general seating categories. The average weighted price factors number of seats sold for each category with the cost for each seating category to “weight” pricing by percentage of the total number. Season ticket pricing is used for all seats when offered.

How much is the most expensive Premier League match ticket?

The BBC’s Price of Football study has the answers. The average cost of the most expensive matchday ticket in the Premier League has risen by 12% to £56.63 since 2011 – when the BBC’s study was first conducted.

How many Premier League clubs have already released their season ticket prices?

Last year’s Price of Football study analysed more than 700 tickets, with 70% seeing a price freeze or reduction. As it stands, eight of the 20 Premier League clubs have already released their season ticket prices for the 2016-17 campaign. as they prepare to move to the Olympic Stadium in the summer.

Which NFL team has the most expensive tickets?

Average ticket prices in the NFL vary by team: the Los Angeles Chargers had the most expensive tickets in 2019, while tickets for the Buffalo Bills are among the cheapest.