How much money do I need for an EPIK in Korea?

How much money do I need for an EPIK in Korea?

If you’re coming through the EPIK program, $1000 is the magic number to bring with you to South Korea. You have to get here, then you don’t get paid for roughly a month after that, and you’ll want as much financial backing as possible during that time you have no paycheck.

Are EPIK apartments furnished?

Authored by: Emily W. As a teacher in South Korea, you actually get a furnished 1 bedroom apartment (for free) as part of your contract!

How much would an apartment cost in Seoul?

On average, however, expect to pay about 500,000 KRW (425 USD) per month for this type of accommodation in big cities. Bigger apartments in Seoul average around 1 million KRW (850 USD) per month, yet it is not uncommon to see listings with 5–6 million KRW (4,300–5,100 USD) monthly price tags.

Does EPIK allow tattoos?

All Applicants Applicants with tattoos in easily visible areas such as on their wrist, arm, calf, neck, behind ears, upper/lower back, ankle, etc. must now submit photos of the tattoos at the time of application. A section will be made available in the application.

What is an Epik apartment in Korea like?

What is an EPIK apartment in Korea like? Much like the phrase “ going to the doctor ” is actually rephrased as “ going to the hospital “ in Korea or glamorous means slutty, my apartment isn’t really what Koreans consider an “apartment”. Usually, they’re non-descript looking skyscraper apartment buildings grouped in a cluster.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Seoul?

The average m² in Seoul is 77 m² however for studio apartments this number is around 48m² . Nearly 2% of the apartments in the city are studios followed by 70% apartments and 18% rooms. The average rental price for studio rentals is 1,145,888 KRW.

What is a studio apartment in Korea?

A typical studio apartment in Korea (Republic of) is a small-sized apartment which consists of one large room that combines the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. In Seoul, a studio apartment usually has a small bathroom, some also have a balcony or other separate spaces.

What is it like to live in Epik?

My EPIK apartment is quite spacious. It’s a one bedroom with a shared living room and kitchen. I have a separate area for my washing machine and a small bathroom. There is a mini room for my washing machine and a mini foyer at the entrance where I leave my shoes.