How much is the Bimini ferry?

How much is the Bimini ferry?

Ferry service directly to the resort in North Bimini is available for $10 per person each way.

How long does the ferry take to Bimini?

Travel by Ferry It’s also reliable and fast for traveling by sea. The high-speed FRS Caribbean Ferry has a daily service that departs Miami, crosses the Gulf Stream and lands in Bimini in just 2-hours.

How long is a boat ride from Miami to Bimini?

about two hours
The trip from Miami to Bimini will take about two hours and is scheduled to depart at 8 a.m. from Terminal H at PortMiami. Returning, the ferry will leave Bimini at 6 p.m.

How much is the ferry from Florida to Bimini Bahamas?

The sailing route from Fort Lauderdale (Florida) to Alice Town (Bimini) takes only 3 hours if you take the direct super fast ferry of Balearia….Day trip to Bahamas Info.

Day trip to Bahamas from $98 + taxes
price per person, return only the ferry
More info and bookings Day trip to Bahamas

Do you need a passport to take the ferry to Bimini?

Miami (Port of Miami) to Bimini, Bahamas): All U.S. passengers traveling aboard the Bimini Fast Ferry from Miami to Bimini must have a valid passport or valid passport card, whether traveling for the day or staying overnight in Bimini.

What is the drinking age in Bimini?

18 is the legal drinking age. Bimini is pretty laid back, so as long as your son is not trying to drink alcohol, he should be welcome.

Is Bimini crowded?

Because of its close proximity to Alice Town, it is not completely secluded but it is never crowded either so you can be sure to find your own private spot on the beach. This Bahamas beach is connected to two other beaches, Blister Beach and Spook Hill Beach.

Can you drink tap water in Bimini?

Water — Technically, tap water is drinkable throughout The Bahamas. Still, we almost always opt for bottled. Resorts tend to filter and chlorinate tap water more aggressively than other establishments; elsewhere, bottled water is available at stores and supermarkets, and tastes better than that from a tap.

Where do cruise ships dock in Bimini?

Local Beaches. Some of the quietest and best beaches in Bimini run together on the southwestern side of the island in Alice Town: Radio Beach,Blister Beach,and Spook Hill.

  • Beach Club 360.
  • Explore a Shipwreck.
  • Historic Attractions.
  • Shark Lab.
  • How to get to Bimini?

    Bimini is made up of two large islands – North and South Bimini. Guests arriving by airplane will land in South Bimini. To get to the resort, take a short taxi ride from the terminal to the South Bimini Port for only $5 per person. Once at the Port, hop aboard a quick ride across the turquoise waters.

    How far is Bimini from Florida?

    The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Bimini and Florida is 309 km= 192 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Bimini to Florida, It takes 0.34 hours to arrive.

    How to get to Bimini from Fort Lauderdale?

    Round-Trip – Depart Ft Lauderdale|Return Different Day

  • Round-Trip – Depart Bimini|Return Different Day
  • Day Trip|Depart Ft Lauderdale 9:00am,Return 8:30pm
  • One-Way|Depart Ft Lauderdale to Bimini (Enter same date in both date fields)
  • One-Way|Depart Bimini to Ft Lauderdale (Enter same date in both date fields)