How much is an alto trombone?

How much is an alto trombone?

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Does alto trombone read alto clef?

A friend of mine who plays trombone in a major symphony remarked after I told him about people wanting the book in alto clef that, in his opinion, too many trombonists are locked into alto clef when playing the alto trombone. In other words, they can’t play the alto trombone in bass clef.

Does alto trombone transpose?

Trombonists typically make the transition from a tenor trombone pitched in B-Flat to an alto trombone pitched in E-Flat without the use of a notational transposition. This is contrary to the overwhelming trend for wind instruments.

What key is alto trombone in?

Pitched in the key of Eb, the alto trombone is not as common as tenor or bass but is still used in a variety of musical settings.

What is the difference between a tenor and alto trombone?

The Alto Trombone is a fourth higher than the tenor trombone, in the key of Eb. It has a smaller bell and bore size, proportional to the reduced tube length.

Is trombone a BB instrument?

Also known as slide trumpet, the soprano trombone is pitched in the key of Bb, and plays in the same register as Bb trumpet.

Do trombones play in concert pitch?

Trombone music is usually written in concert pitch in either bass or tenor clef, although exceptions do occur, notably in British brass-band music where the tenor trombone is presented as a B♭ transposing instrument, written in treble clef; and the alto trombone is written at concert pitch usually in alto clef.

Are trombones in C or B-flat?

The Trombone sounds by blowing into a mouthpiece too. Although it is pitched in the key of B-flat, it is written in C and notated in bass clef and tenor clef for the upper register. Its range cover from the E2 to the F5.