How much is a Bugatti Type 37 worth?

How much is a Bugatti Type 37 worth?

Award-Winning Set Designer Peter Larkin’s 1926 Bugatti Type 37 Sells for Record Price. A 1926 Bugatti Type 37 Grand Prix that was under the stewardship of the late Peter Larkin, an award-winning set designer, for more than 60 years, sold for $935,000 last week, setting an auction world record for the model.

How many Bugatti Royales exist?

Six of seven production Royales still exist, as the prototype was destroyed in an accident in 1931, and each has a different body, some having been rebodied several times.

How many Bugatti Type 37 were made?

The car proved to be quite successful, and it saw action in some of the world’s greatest endurance races at the time, including the Mille Miglia, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the Targa Florio. While Bugatti produced a totally of 286 Type 37s, only 76 were supercharged from the factory.

How many Bugatti Type 35 are left?

The $250,000 Bugatti That Drives Like $2.5 Million. The original Bugatti Type 35 was the fastest, most powerful car of its day. Fewer than 100 were made, and they’re exceedingly rare and expensive to buy today.

How much is a 1927 Bugatti worth?

$2.6 million may seem like a lot of money, but it’s the price of admission these days if you want an important ’20s racer….Detailing.

Number Produced: 50
Original List Price: 40,000 French francs bought a 35B in 1930
Tune Up Cost: $1,000
Distributor Caps: $500

How many Bugatti Type 35 C were made?

340 Type 35s
In Germany, the Type 35 achieved its greatest triumph on the Nürburgring in 1929. Bugatti built 340 Type 35s in total, though the exact production figures are now no longer clear.

How fast is the Bugatti Type 35?

Bugatti Type 35 B Specs. With a maximum top speed of 130 mph (209 km/h), a curb weight of 1680 lbs (762 kgs), the Type 35 B has a naturally-aspirated Inline 8 cylinder engine, Petrol motor. This engine produces a maximum power of 142 PS (140 bhp – 104 kW) at 5300 rpm and a maximum torque of Nm (- lb.

How much is a Bugatti Type 35C worth?

This car sold for $900,000, including buyer’s premium, at Gooding & Company’s inaugural Amelia Island Auction in Florida on March 12, 2010….Detailing.

Vehicle: 1928 Bugatti Type 35C Grand Prix
Original List Price: 130,000 FF (about $75,000 today)

How fast can a Bugatti Type 35 go?

In its later iteration, the Type 35 B (which had a 2.3-litre eight-cylinder engine and compressor), the Bugatti’s power increased to up to 140 PS and its top speeds exceeded 215 km/h. As well as their incredible performance, the engines were primarily renowned for their reliability and endurance.

When did the Bugatti Type 37 come out?

With the Type 37, Ettore Bugatti presented a new four-cylinder sports car in 1925 as the successor to the Brescia models. The chassis remained that of the legendary Type 35, but the engine was replaced by a new one, rectangular and smooth-surfaced, like the in-line eight-cylinder of the Type 35.

What is the most beautiful Bugatti car?

It is not for nothing that the Type 35 is considered the most beautiful race car of the era. With the Type 37, Ettore Bugatti presented a new four-cylinder sports car in 1925 as the successor to the Brescia models.

How many cylinders does a Bugatti engine have?

Instead of the modest 4-cylinder original engine, he decided to install a 3-litre-8-cylinder Bugatti engine from the Type 44. It was twice as big and fitted with a supercharger. In a letter, dated July 23 1976, he remembers: “That was hard work”.

What is the difference between a Type 37 and Type 35?

The sleek, particularly narrow Grand Prix bodywork of the two-seater was also characterized by the horseshoe-shaped radiator and the pointed rear end, but the Type 37 was fitted with wire-spoked wheels instead of the alloy wheels of the Type 35.