How much does franklinite cost?

How much does franklinite cost?


Payment Amount
1 $75.00 (due today)
2 $60.00
Total $135.00

What is franklinite used for?

THE MINERAL FRANKLINITE It is found in large enough quantity to serve as a ore of zinc and manganese, two important strategic and industrial metals.

Is franklinite a fluorescent?

The Franklin mine is especially famous for minerals that fluoresce a variety of colors under short-wave ultraviolet lamps, which occurs as a function of quantum mechanics and the properties of light when exposed to UV light, though ironically franklinite is not one of the minerals that fluoresces.

Where can I find franklinite?

Franklinite is named after the locality of Franklin, New Jersey, where it is found. To date, this mineral is found only at Franklin and neighboring Ogdensburg, New Jersey. There are no other localities for Franklinite, but at these two localities it is quite abundant.

What is the chemical formula of Willemite?

Formula (repeating unit) Zn 2SiO 4
IMA symbol Wlm
Strunz classification 9.AA.05 (10 ed) 8/A.01-20 (8 ed)
Dana classification

Is franklinite a rock or mineral?

Franklinite is an oxide mineral belonging to the normal spinel subgroup’s iron (Fe) series, with the formula ZnFe3+2O4.

Is franklinite magnetic?

franklinite (zinc iron oxide, ZnFe2O4), jacobsite (manganese iron oxide, MnFe2O4), and trevorite (nickel iron oxide, NiFe2O4). All are magnetic, although franklinite and jacobsite are only weakly so; magnetite, which frequently has distinct north and south poles, has been known for this property since about 500…

How is willemite formed?

Willemite is usually formed as an alteration of previously existing sphalerite ore bodies, and is usually associated with limestone. It is also found in marble and may be the result of a metamorphism of earlier hemimorphite or smithsonite.

Is Franklinite a mineral?

Does franklinite react with acid?

in Sanford, Maine, or spinel or franklinite crystals in Franklin Marble are all cleaned in hydrochloric acid. If hydrochloric is being used to remove iron oxides you should be careful that there are no carbonates in the specimen that you want to keep. The acid will dissolve them.

Is Franklinite a mineral or rock?

Does Franklinite react with acid?

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