How much does a Australorp chicken cost?

How much does a Australorp chicken cost?


Sex 1-5 75-99
Straight Run $3.62 $2.51
Male $2.78 $2.07
Female $4.24 $3.47

What color egg does an Australorp lay?

BrownAustralorp / Egg color

Well looked after Australorps lay approximately 250 light-brown eggs per year. A new record was set when a hen laid 364 eggs in 365 days. They are also known to be good nest sitters and mothers, making them one of the most popular large heritage utility breeds of chicken.

What is the lifespan of an Australorp chicken?

Australorp Chicken
Lifespan: 8+ years.
Weight: 8-10lb.
Color: Black, white, blue and others.
Egg Production: 4-5 per week.

What is a blue Australorp?

Description. Blue Australorps are an excellent layer of brown eggs much like the Black Australorp and originate from Australia. They are known for persistence of laying even in hot weather and are dual-purpose. The Blue Australorp is a rare breed with beautiful blue coloration.

How big do Australorps get?

Australorps are very large birds — cockerels (males) weigh 6 to 8 pounds at maturity, and pullets (females) weigh 5 to 7 pounds. As a dual-purpose breed, Australorps have pinkish-white skin and plump bodies and dress out nicely once the birds have matured.

Are Australorp chickens good layers?

Australorps are egg-stremely productive egg layers – sure to satiate your cravings for omelettes and pavlovas. They lay 250-300 large, light brown eggs each year, which is good news for any egg enthusiasts!

How much space do Australorp chickens need?

The larger standard chickens such as the Dominique, Faverolles or Australorp will each require the full 4 square feet of coop space. In the run they should have no less than 10 square feet per chicken. Roosting bars should allow around 8 inches per chicken and the standard 12x 12 inch nesting box will work well.

Are Australorps good pets?

Australorps are used primarily as a dual purpose birds, as well as family pets – this is because they have such a sweet temperament, are productive egg layers and also have a significant amount of meat on them.

Are Australorps good egg layers?

Do Australorps lay in winter?

Yes. Winter through spring is when our Australorps lay their best.

Is Australorp rare?

Although they are now very popular as backyard pets, The Livestock Conservancy considers them a ‘recovering’ breed as they are still low in numbers compared to other breeds. Similar to Plymouth Rocks and Rhode Island reds, Australorps are prized for being a good dual purpose bird.

Will Australorps go broody?

Black Australorp hens are great egg layers and great mothers. If you leave the eggs in the coop and let them make a nest they will go broody easily during the spring and summer months. A Black Australorp hen will sit on her nest for 28 days without leaving it for a minute!