How many test series has Australia won India?

How many test series has Australia won India?

Cricketing contests between the two nations have always been of high intensity….Series summary.

Australian Test wins (as of 29 December 2020) Indian Test wins (as of 7 January 2020) Draws
19 (43 overall) 22 (30 overall) 11 (28 overall), + 1 tie (not under the trophy)

Which team won more Test series in Australia?

Australia is the most successful Test team in cricketing history with an overall winning rate of 47.05%. As of 19 October 2018, Australia have played 814 Test matches; winning 383, lost 220, 209 were drawn and 2 matches were tied….Matches played (by country)

Team Australia
Opponent Sri Lanka
Matches 97
Won 61
Lost 32

Which team has never won Test series in India?

South Africa
For the three test match series, Team India will be led by Captain Virat Kohli. The three-match test series is very important for Team India and Captain Virat Kohli as South Africa is the only country where the Indian team has never won a test series.

Has Pakistan won any Test match in Australia?

1st Test at P Saravanamuttu Stadium, Colombo – Oct 3-7, 2002, Australia won by 41 runs (Australia 467 and 127; Pakistan 279 and 274). 2nd Test at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium – Oct 11-12, 2002, Australia won by an innings and 198 runs (Pakistan 59 and 53; Australia 310).

Has India won any Test series in England?

India have so far won 3 Test series in England as series victories came in 1986 and 2007 after the first one in 1971.

How many players were used in the India vs Australia Test series?

Courtesy of the win in Brisbane, India have now joined an elite list of nations who have won consecutive Test series in Australia. A total of 34 players were used by both teams in the 4-match Test series; Australia fielded 14 different players in the series, while India used up 20 different players in the Test series.

Who won the 1947-48 India vs Australia Test series?

History – India v Australia India in Australia (1947-48) Australia won 5 Test match series by 4-0. First Test at Brisbane Australia won by an innings and 226 runs (Australia 382/8d; India 58 and 98 f/o).

What is India’s first victory in Australia in Test cricket?

This is India’s first victory in Australia. At Sydney India won again and levelled the series by an innings and 2 runs (Australia 131 and 263; India 396/8d). Australia came back hard at Adelaide, and won the match by 47-run (Australia 505 and 256; India 269 and 445) and win the series by 3-2.

What are the India vs Australia head to head statistics in tests?

India vs Australia head to head statistics in Tests are given below : The first Test series was played between India and Australia in 1947/48 and was won by Australia. Till date, India and Australia played a total of 26 series against each other.