How many seats does a Rosa bus have?

How many seats does a Rosa bus have?

22 seats including driver.

How heavy is a Mitsubishi Rosa Bus?

Fourth generation (1997-Present)

Fourth Generation
Length 6,245–7,730 mm (245.9–304.3 in)
Width 2,010 mm (79.1 in)
Height 2,735 mm (107.7 in)
Curb weight 3,805–4,045 kg (8,389–8,918 lb)

Is Mitsubishi Rosa reliable?

It is widely recognized for its reliability, lasting performance, and impeccable passenger comfort. You can find Rosa models with body configurations, such as short, long, and super-long.

How much horsepower does a Toyota Coaster have?

Technical Specifications

Displacement (cc) 4164
Fuel type Diesel
Max power HP/rpm 130/3800
Max torque Nm 285/2200

How big is a 2014 Mitsubishi Rosa bus?

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Rosa Bus 2014 Specifications Gross Vehicle Weight : 6000 kg ( Exactly : 6285 kg [13856 lbs] Fuel Tank Capacity : 100 ltrs ( 26.41 gal ) Overall Length : 7730 mm ( 304 in ) Overall Width : 2070 mm ( 81 in ) Overall Height : 2630 mm ( 103 in )

What kind of engine does a Mitsubishi Rosa bus have?

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Rosa Bus 2014 Specifications Engine 4 Stroke cycle, water cooled diesel engi Transmission – Displacement 5000 cc ( Exactly : 4899 cc ) Maximum Torque 400 Nm ( Exactly : 470 Nm @ 1600 rpm ) Maximum Power 140 bhp ( Exactly : 147 bhp @ 2700 rpm )

What kind of steering does a Rosa bus have?

ROSA BUS SPECIFICATIONS – ROSA BUS STEERING TypePower Steering with tilt adjustable steering column FRONT SUSPENSION TypeIndependent Double Wishbone with Coil springs, Tranverse Leaf Spring and Double Acting Shock Absorbers REAR AXLE

Can Fuso’s Rosa light duty bus be deployed in a variant?

With all this now available in short-, long- and superlong body type, FUSO’s Rosa light duty bus can be deployed in a variant that enables operators to match capacity and efficiency to maximize business benefits. Vehicle specifications may vary by market. Please contact your local certified FUSO dealer for more information.