How many LPS pets are there?

How many LPS pets are there?

There are well over 3,000 different Littlest Pets now as of 2019 and that number grows almost daily. After they are gone in the stores, they are gone, and that is NOT guaranteeing you that you can find the one you want in your store. Littlest Pet Shop toys releases different ones to different parts of the states.

What are good LPS names?

Use a human name for your LPS. Names such as Rachel or Kristine for girls, and Luke and Ray for boys. You could also use unisex names like Reece, Alex and Jess.

What are some good Littlest Pet Shop names?


  • Buddy. Roger Baxter ‘s dummy for running practice. There’s a toy with her appearance.
  • Plaid Monster. Has a line during the reprise of F.U.N. Song .
  • Creature. An urban legend Russell found in the internet in Eight Arms to Hold You .
  • Bruce
  • MinLing
  • Mike
  • Ed. Sings a verse of Pet Friendly Skies.
  • Van Gogh
  • Super Sam. Comic book superhero.
  • Are Littlest Pet shops worth anything?

    There is money to be made for sure. There are many Littlest Pet Shop characters to be on the lookout that are worth $30 or more on eBay. Now keep in mind, pricing on eBay changes daily, so if you have any of these pets and they are not getting at least $30, hold onto them. LPS on eBay is an ebb and flow type of thing.

    How to make a custom Littlest Pet Shop?

    Open the listing page.

  • Choose the options you’d like for the order. This will differ depending on what options are available for the item.
  • Under “Add your personalization,” the text box will tell you what the seller needs to know. Fill out the requested information.
  • Click “Buy it now” or “Add to cart” and proceed to checkout.
  • Which are the rarest Littlest Pet Shop figures?

    ebay lps dachshund

  • ebay lps collie
  • ebay lps cats