How many grand battalions did the Iron Warriors have?

How many grand battalions did the Iron Warriors have?

The primary strategic unit was indeed the Grand Battalion (noted as being the IW’s ‘Chapter analogue’) but there were far more than 10 of them.

What are Iron Warriors good for?

The Iron Warriors have better vehicle and daemon engine support than any other legion, with multiple stratagems and warlord traits that boost vehicle shooting and make it harder to kill vehicles. That’s unique among the Chaos Space Marine legions, who tend to favor INFANTRY with their stratagems.

What God do the Iron Warriors serve?

Iron Warriors

– Iron Warriors [1a] –
Legion Number: IV [1a]
Homeworld Pre-Heresy: Olympia [29a]
Homeworld Current: Medrengard in the Eye of Terror [29a]
Chaos God: Chaos Undivided [29a]

Do Iron Warriors have Psykers?

Yes. Though Perturabo wasn’t that big on psykers, the Iron Warriors did feature a number of warlords who have been happy to use sorcerers to meet their goals.

Are the Iron Warriors Chaos?

The Iron Warriors are masters of siege warfare, pulling down enemy fortifications with massed firepower and vile Daemon engines. In the new codex, Iron Warriors are the strongest Chaos Space Marine army when it comes to ranged warfare, slaying the enemy wherever they may hide.

What are Obliterators?

An Obliterator is a Chaos Space Marine, often a former Techmarine, who is believed to have been affected by a so-called “technovirus,” a daemonic, Warp-powered virus that transformed these once-loyal servants of the Imperium into bloodthirsty mutant weapons of Chaos.

Do Night Lords serve chaos?

Rather than serving Chaos, the Night Lords used it as a tool In their inhuman works. Night Lords are exceptionally versatile in their use of the forces of Chaos, employing the hell-spawned powers of each of the major Chaos deities with equal favour.

Who are the Iron Warriors in Warhammer 40k?

The Iron Warriors are one of the nine Traitor Legions of Chaos Space Marines that turned to the service of Chaos during the Horus Heresy and now fight to overthrow the Imperium of Man.

What were the Iron Warriors known for?

The Iron Warriors, who were originally the IV th Legion of Space Marines, specialised in the breaking of sieges and assaults on static fortifications, which made them great rivals of the Imperial Fists Legion, said to construct the greatest static defences in the Imperium. It was this rivalry between the Legions,…

What is the Iron Warriors’current organisation?

Like many of the Traitor Legions of Chaos Space Marines, the Iron Warriors’ current organisation is completely non-standard. A Grand Company will often be divided into component detachments led by lesser Chaos Champions.

How strong were the Grand battalions of the Iron Warriors?

The Iron Warriors had a notably high rate of attrition, so the strength of the Grand Battalions fluctuated: Some had as little as 500 Legionaries and others had an excess of 4,000. Severely depleted Grand Battalions were folded together into active units. Grand Battalions were commonly divided into Cohorts or Grand Companies.