How many GM Futurliners still exist?

How many GM Futurliners still exist?

There are still two Futurliners unaccounted for. Displayed the “Miracles of Heat and Cold” exhibit, featuring Frigidaire products.

How much is a GM Futurliner worth?

A rare, and enormous, 1950 General Motors Futurliner bus sold at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction Saturday for $4 million. The money will benefit a charity for military members and their families.

How much did the kindig it Futurliner restoration cost?

The Futurliner was restored by Canadian Daniel Noiseux and two friends who bought it from Bortz. “The original plan was to buy three, but we settled on this one for $10,000 because it was the best,” said Noiseux. “We had no idea what we were getting into.”

Does Dave Kindig own the Futurliner?

Each numbered Futurliner covered a different topic from jet engine technology and agriculture to stereophonic sound and microwave ovens. According to Dave Kindig, owner, president and designer of Kindig-It Design in Salt Lake City, this piece is “35,000 pounds of history.”

How many GM Futurliners have been restored?

But, parts trucks are parts trucks. Of the 12 Futurliners built, eight were rescued, restored, or otherwise preserved. Another three were destroyed or lost over the last 70 years, and the records are maddeningly thin.

How many GM Futurliners are restored?

How much did the Kindig copper caddy cost?

Well, a Kindig build starts from about $250,000, but we hear the De Ville is worth close to a million. We find that the bullet accents are a little too much. However, the idea is based on a fundamental part of Cadillac’s design language in that era, the bullet shell grille.

Why did GM make the Futurliner?

For those who don’t know, GM’s Futurliners were, essentially, massive Art Deco-styled buses that look like nothing else on the road. They were built to cross the nation in the Parade of Progress, a tour originating in the pre-war era that was meant to show off emerging American technology.

What happened to GM’s Futurliners?

FlugKerl2 CC BY-SA 4.0 GM then sold off the Futurliners and even donated two of them to the Michigan State Police who rebranded the “Safetyliners” and used them as a way to promote road safety. One was bought by Oral Roberts and used as a portable stage for their evangelical crusades of the 1960s.

Which buses are the Futurliners?

Which buses they are, is still largely in question. Two Futurliners are owned by Peter Pan Bus Lines in Springfield, Massachusetts. The restored Futurliner was bought out of a cornfield in upstate New York in 1997.

Who owns the Peter Pan Futurliner bus?

This bus is believed to have been restored and owned by Peter Pan Bus Lines. They have a 2nd Futurliner, in poor condition, in storage. Which buses they are, is still largely in question. Two Futurliners are owned by Peter Pan Bus Lines in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Why did GM make silverside buses?

Since GM wouldn’t sell its diesels to its bus-making competitors–until forced to as a result of a 1956 anti-trust lawsuit–GM’s buses enjoyed a very distinct competitive advantage. This pre-war Silverside design, built exclusively for Greyhound, and its many other variations became the dominant bus of the immediate post war era.