How many crew members did a slave ship have?

How many crew members did a slave ship have?

30 crew members
Typical slave ships contained several hundred slaves with about 30 crew members. The male captives were normally chained together in pairs to save space; right leg to the next man’s left leg — while the women and children may have had somewhat more room.

What was the crew size of a slave ship?

Slave ships ranged in size from the ten-ton Hesketh, which could carry a crew plus thirty captive Africans, to the 566-ton Parr, which carried a crew of 100 and could hold a cargo of as many as 700 enslaved people.

What did the ship’s crew do for the slaves?

According to Phillips, what did the ships crew do for the slaves? They gave the slaves “meals” and “cleaned” up their living quarters in hopes for better health for the slaves. They also dig their graves. According to Phillips, why was being a slave trader such an unpleasant job?

Who was Dr Falconbridge?

Alexander Falconbridge (c. 1760–1792) was a British surgeon who took part in four voyages in slave ships between 1782 and 1787. In time he became an abolitionist and in 1788 published An Account of the Slave Trade on the Coast of Africa.

Why were there so many crewmen on the slave ships?

There were also fears on slaving voyages that the slaves might rise up against the crew. The large number of crew were also there to guard the slaves and prevent any trouble. Once the enslaved Africans had been sold, fewer men were needed to sail the ship back to Bristol.

Where can I find information about slave ships and crew?

Articles under “Shipping News” or “Marine List” headlines are a good place to start searching for information about slave ships, crew, and cargo. In this example from a 1799 New York newspaper, we see updates on various ships including information about deaths on ships.

How many Africans were transported by ship to America?

As many as 20 million Africans were transported by ship. The transportation of slaves from Africa to America was known as the Middle Passage of the triangular trade . The owners of slave ships held as many slaves as possible by cramming, chaining, and selectively grouping slaves to maximize space and make travel more profitable.

How did the crew of the three friends torture the slaves?

The crew of one slave ship, “Three Friends” for instance, tortured their Black cargo in such a manner that the Negroes reciprocated in a bloody rebellion. They killed the captain and the entire crew and threw the dead overboard.