How many barangay are there in Solana?

How many barangay are there in Solana?

38 barangays
Solana is politically subdivided into 38 barangays.

Is Solana rural or urban?

Solana is a landlocked municipality in the coastal province of Cagayan. The municipality has a land area of 234.60 square kilometers or 90.58 square miles which constitutes 2.50% of Cagayan’s total area. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 88,445.

What is the history of Solana Cagayan?

Once a part of Tuguegarao, Solana was established as a municipality and named after Governor General Antonio Urbiztondo Marquez dela Solana on August 18, 1851. Augmenting its first Ybanag inhabitants were immigrants from Pangasinan, Ilocos and few Tagalog provinces.

Who is the mayor of Solana Cagayan?

Category First Class Municipality 2014-2021
Region REGION II (Cagayan Valley) Cagayan
Mayor JENALYN P. CARAG 85,581
Website NDA
Address Centro,Solana,Cagayan Tel: 375-0614

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What is the zip code of Cagayan Valley?

Cagayan ZIP Codes, Postal Codes, and Phone Area Codes

Location ZIP Code/Postal Code Phone Area Code
Santo Nino 3525 78
Solana 3503 78
Tuao 3528 78
Tuguegarao 3500 78

What is the capital of Isabela?

In 2012, the province was declared as the country’s top producer of corn with 1,209,524 metric tons. Isabela was also declared the second-largest rice producer in the Philippines and the Queen Province of the North….Isabela (province)

Founded May 01, 1856
Capital and largest city Ilagan
• Type Sangguniang Panlalawigan

What is Aggao Nac Cagayan festival?

The province-wide festivals are: Aggao Nac Cagayan (June 23 – 29) which commemorates the establishment of the civil government in Cagayan on June 29, 1583.

What is the population of Solana in Cagayan province?

In the 2020 census, the population of Solana, Cagayan, was 88,445 people, with a density of 380 inhabitants per square kilometre or 980 inhabitants per square mile.

Is Solana a city in Ilocano Province?

Solana, officially the Municipality of Solana (Ibanag: Ili nat Solana; Ilocano: Ili ti Solana; Tagalog: Bayan ng Solana), is a 1st class municipality in the province of Cagayan, Philippines. According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 88,445 people.

What is the relative location of Solana?

/  17.65°N 121.68°E  / 17.65; 121.68 /  17.65°N 121.68°E  / 17.65; 121.68 Solana, officially the Municipality of Solana ( Ibanag: Ili nat Solana; Ilocano: Ili ti Solana; Tagalog: Bayan ng Solana ), is a 1st class municipality in the province of Cagayan, Philippines.

Where are the Paleolithic sites in Cagayan Valley?

The Awidon Mesa Formationa Paleolithic Sites of the municipality, along with the Callao Limestone Formation Paleolithic Sites neighboring Penablanca, are included in the tentative list of the Philippines for future UNESCO World Heritage Site inscription under the name of Paleolithic Archaeological Sites in Cagayan Valley.