How long is the real estate course in Texas?

How long is the real estate course in Texas?

180 hours
In order to take the Texas real estate exam, an applicant must complete 180 hours of course work as set out by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). The 180 hours consist of 6 individual courses, each comprising 30 hours.

Do REALTORs in Texas make good money?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage of real estate agents in Texas is a respectable $72,830 (as of May 2019). Not bad considering that these figures factor in part-timers and new agents!

What is the highest paid real estate job?

Real Estate Broker A career as a real estate broker is one of the highest paying and lucrative professions in the real estate industry. On average, experienced brokers take home a six-figure pay.

How do I become a real estate agent with no experience?

How to Find Real Estate Jobs That Require No Experience

  1. Review Online Job Boards. Many real estate jobs are posted on Internet job boards such as
  2. Talk to a Broker. Real estate brokers often hire administrative assistants to help manage their offices.
  3. Apartment Locators.
  4. Visit a Real Estate School.
  5. Get a License.

Can I be my own real estate agent in Texas?

Answer: Yes, a sales agent can own his or her own business entity. The entity must, if it engages in real estate brokerage, hold a separate license. The entity must have a designated broker through whom all transactions must be handled and who is responsible for the entity’s (and any sponsored sales agent’s) actions.

What is the best real estate school in Texas?

Inc. (C.E.L.I.) Real Estate School has earned the reputation of being one of the top-ranked real estate, home inspection, and irrigation schools in Texas. C.E.L.I. is an approved education provider by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) to offer real

What is the best online real estate school in Texas?

Aceable: 77% (6,560 passed/8,479 taken)

  • The CE Shop: 70% (971 passed/1,388 taken)
  • Kaplan Real Estate Education: 71% (833 passed/1,181 taken)
  • Champions School of Real Estate: 59% (12,929 passed/21,821 taken)
  • Real Estate Express: 59% (1,190 passed/2,028 taken)
  • How long does Texas real estate school take?

    This is for the basic education, and details the main answer to the question “How long does Texas real estate school take?” However, those wanting to be a broker will have additional education that they must complete – but it all begins with these 180 hours of classroom time.

    How to become a realtor in Texas?

    Pick a school for you education. Most major cities in Texas have a school or multiple schools where you can complete your education.

  • Complete your education. Before you can take your Texas real estate license exam,you must successfully complete a set of required courses.
  • Have a clean record.
  • Apply for an inactive license.
  • Put your fingerprints on file.