How long does OSET battery last?

How long does OSET battery last?

How long do the batteries last? Run time depends on many factors, but as a rule of thumb we say between 1 and 2 hours. However, for ‘Trials’ riding by beginners set to half speed, we’ve had a single set of batteries last for 4+ hours of stop-start riding.

What is the top speed of an OSET 24r?

Bike Specifications

  • Fast Charge (95%): 5 Hours.
  • Running Time: 2 Hours*
  • Age Range: 9+
  • Battery Capacity: 20ah.
  • Top Speed (mph): 22 MPH.
  • Weight (KG): 48.5 KG.
  • Seat Height: 670mm.
  • License: Off-Road.

How fast does an OSET go?

We played with the “speed” dial and although we could feel a difference in top speed of the Oset 20.0 and clocked it going 36mph down the street, this dial can be somewhat set in the middle for slow type trials riding. The “Power” knob was set to almost wide open as my son began to get more comfortable on the Oset.

How long does the battery last on a OSET 24?

In full ‘razz’ mode we got about 4 hours of battery life, which is bloody good going. And the slower you go the longer they last, taking around 8-10 hours to fully recharge.

Can you ride OSET bikes on the road?

OSET Bikes are designed for off road use only and must not be used on public roads or sidewalks.

How much is a OSET 24?

Magnetic lanyard adds a level of safety and is competition legal. For adults and teenagers. MSRP: $4399.00.

What age is OSET 20 for?

8+ years old
Technical data

Wheelbase – 1050mm (41.3”) Seat Height – 550mm (21.6”)
Controller – 48V OSET, adjustable for power, speed & response. Batteries – 4 x 10ah AGM SLA.
Charger – 3 amp 48V. Age Range – 8+ years old.
Rider Weight Limit – 100lbs (45.5kg) RRP – £2,379.00

How much is electric KTM?

2021 KTM Freeride E-XC • $10,699 The KTM FREERIDE E-XC represents the latest generation of electric bikes.

Can you ride an electric trials bike on the road?

Now the company has just announced a new product line, the Epure electric trials bikes. The Vendargues, France-based electric bike manufacturer Electric Motion is out with their new line of electric bikes. The models are designed for off-road and trials riding, yet can also be made road-legal.

Why do trials bikes not have seats?

The short answer: you don’t really sit down on a trial bike. A seat will only add unnecessary weight and, more importantly, while riding over obstacles, riders need all the space possible to contort into gymnastic shapes to urge their bikes to make it, especially when climbing up a huge rock step or such like.

What are the dirt bikes with no seats called?

The short answer: you don’t really sit down on a trial bike. Trial bikes are buit for one thing, and one thing only – riding up, down and over incredibly difficult terrain that pushes bike and rider to the limits of physics and atheltic ability. Sitting down doesn’t aid any of that.

What do you think about osets?

Both Harry and his younger brother George both think their OSETs are great and I can only agree.I think that they’re a perfect introduction to trials riding. Parents can limit the speed, so kids are not going to grab a handful and disappear out of control; with no hot parts and being so lightweight means they can pick the bikes up themselves.

Why Oset bikes?

Don’t waste money on your cheap ride on’s these are the real deal… OSET you have created a product that is without doubt the best way for any kid to develop skills that will last a lifetime! These bikes are so much fun!

Is Oset the best thing my son has?

The OSET is the best thing my son has! He has the freedom of the outdoors and quality time with his dad away from technology! My 9 year old has the 20″ racer then his dad had to have a 24″!! What people say about OSET?

What are the specs of the Oset 24?

The OSET 24.0 Racing is a serious bit of kit! Designed for thrill seekers and off road explorers. A truly ground up design that take’s the rider you to new territory and heights Wheelbase – 1215mm (47.8’’). Seat Height – 670mm (26.4’’). Ground Clearance – 315mm (12.4’’).