How is BCG vaccine prepared?

How is BCG vaccine prepared?

The BCG vaccine is prepared from a weakened strain of Mycobacterium bovis, a bacteria closely related to M. tuberculosis, which causes the disease.

Can you mix BCG with sterile water?

Reconstitution requires addition of Sterile Water for Injection, U.S.P. at 4–25°C (39–77°F). For an adult dosage, 1 mL of Sterile Water for Injection, U.S.P., should be added to one vial of vaccine.

How do you administer BCG?

How is it given? The BCG vaccine is given by an injection just under the skin, usually on the upper left arm. Sometimes, a test may need to be done before receiving the BCG vaccine. If there is a chance your child has already been infected with TB, the doctor will arrange for a TB skin test (Mantoux test).

How do you dissolve BCG vaccine?

Currently BCG vaccine is freeze-dried powder and sealed under vacuum in a glass ampoule. The powder has to be diluted with saline water and injected within hrs, which often incurs errors owing to inappropriate opening of the glass ampoule and mishandling of the reconstitution.

How do you dilute Pfizer Covid vaccine?

Use the needles and syringes labeled for mixing vaccine and diluent in the ancillary supply kit. Use 0.9% sodium chloride (normal saline, preservative-free) ONLY. Gently invert the vial 10 times before and after adding the diluent. Discard the diluent vial after mixing the vaccine.

What vaccines need reconstitution?

Most vaccines come ready to administer in vials or prefilled syringes. However, 11 vaccines need to be reconstituted before being administered: ActHib®, Hiberix®, Menveo®, Menomune®, M-M-R II®, Pentacel®, ProQuad®, Rotarix®, TriHIBit®, Varivax®, and Zostavax®.

How do you give a pentavalent injection?

In UIP, pentavalent vaccine comes in a liquid form in a vial which contains 10 doses. Each dose is 0.5 ml to be given by intra muscular injection in anterolateral aspect of the mid-thigh using AD syringes. Discard injection waste as per guideline for immunization waste management.

Is it normal to have pus on BCG vaccine?

Parents do not need to worry if there is pus or ulceration at the site of injection. This is a normal reaction. The child can take baths as usual. Keep the injection site clean and dry.

What is the diluent for BCG vaccine?

Normal saline is the recommended diluent. The reconstituted vaccine may be used up to 3 hours and left over should be discarded.

Which diluent is used in BCG vaccine?

Diluent composition: Each single 0.05 ml paediatric dose contains 0.45mg Sodium chloride and water for injection to 0.05ml. For the primary immunization of infants at birth and immunization or reimmunization of children and adults who have reacted negatively to the usual tuberculin tests.