How high is the Kaskaskia River right now?

How high is the Kaskaskia River right now?

Flood Stage:18 Ft. Record High Stage:27.09 Ft. Location of Gage : Fayette County, on right bank at upstream side of Gallatin Street Bridge in Vandalia, 3.5 mile upstream from Hickory Creek and at mile 135.7….Latest Data. 03/10/2022 19:00 Central.

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What is the current level of the Illinois River?

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Location Height Status
Illinois River at Valley City (vali2) 13.60ft Near Flood Stage
Illinois River at Meredosia (mroi2) 15.60ft Near Flood Stage
Illinois River at Lagrange (nlgi2) 21.22ft Near Flood Stage
Illinois River at Beardstown (beai2) 16.32ft Minor Flooding

How deep is the Kaskaskia River?

Maximum discharge along the river was observed at the Kaskaskia River At New Athens with a streamflow rate of 13,100 cfs. This is also the deepest point on the Kaskaskia River, with a gauge stage of 72.36 ft.

What is the water level at Lake Shelbyville IL?

Latest Data 03/09/2022 23:00 Central
Latest Stage 27.80 Ft.
24 Hr. Change +0.13 Ft.
24 Hr. Precip Total 0.00 In.
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Is the Kaskaskia River navigable?

Now the Kaskaskia River channel is navigable to New Athens, (Mile # 28), approximately 9 feet deep for the transportation of barge traffic.

What is Illinois River depth?

on the illinois river the Average Depth is about 2 1/2 to 4 feet.

Where is the Kaskaskia River?

Description: The Kaskaskia River is the largest stream found entirely within Illinois. From its headwaters just west of Champaign to its mouth on the Mississippi River above Chester, the Kaskaskia winds its way across nearly 300 miles of central and southwestern Illinois.

How many miles long is the Kaskaskia River?

325 miKaskaskia River / Length

Where is the mouth of the Kaskaskia River?

Mississippi RiverKaskaskia River / Mouth
The mouth of the Kaskaskia River is located approximately 117.5 river miles above the Ohio River mouth, right in the heart of the Middle Miss. The Middle Mississippi River starts at the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers Confluence just north of St.

What is Lake Shelbyville normal pool?

The lake’s normal surface pool is 11,100 acres at an elevation of 183 meters. The maximum depth is 65 feet.

Where is the Kaskaskia River in Illinois?

LOCATION: Both sides of the Kaskaskia River from the Mississippi River to Fayetteville. Site office – 4 miles N of Baldwin (Illinois Hwy 154); 6 miles S of New Athens (Illinois Hwy 13).

Where is the 05592500 weather station in Illinois?

Monitoring location 05592500 is associated with a STREAM in FAYETTE COUNTY, ILLINOIS. Current conditions of DISCHARGE and GAGE HEIGHT are available. Water data back to 1908 are available online.

Is there a forecast for the Kaskaskia River at New Athens?

NOTE: Forecasts are not available for the Kaskaskia River at New Athens. Only observed stages are available for this point. (P): Preliminary values subject to further review.