How far is balotra from Jodhpur?

How far is balotra from Jodhpur?

Distance Between Jodhpur to Balotra

Distance between Jodhpur to Balotra by Road is 108 Kms
Distance between Jodhpur to Balotra by Flight is 90 Kms
Travel Time from Jodhpur to Balotra by Road is 2:7 hrs
Nearest Airport in Jodhpur Civil Airport Jodhpur (26.24, 73.02)
Nearest Airport in Balotra Civil Airport Jodhpur (25.83, 72.24)

What is the Pincode of balotra?

Balotra/Zip codes

Is it safe to drive from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer?

You can travel on two National Highways, one taking the NH114 till Pokhran and another is NH15 from Pokhran to Jaisalmer. These routes are truly eventful and comfortable. There are few new patches that the road will update and may cause severe discomfort.

How can I reach BITS Pilani from Delhi?

Pilani can be reached either by road or by rail. Nearest railway stations are Chirawa on Western railway (16 Km) and Loharu on Northern railway (24 Km). There are regular bus services between Delhi and Pilani and Jaipur and Pilani. The buses leave Delhi from Inter- State Bus Terminal (ISBT) and Kashmiri gate.

What is the pin code of Pali?

Pali/Zip codes

Is Udaipur better or Jodhpur?

If your pressed for time, Jodhpur is closer to get to, but my wife and I rate Udaipur as a nicer place to visit. You also need to consider how accessible your next destination is, and plan accordingly. You could get to Jaisalmer( another place worth visiting) more easily from Jodhpur, for example.

What is the distance between Jodhpur Jn and Balotra Jn?

According to the Indian Rail network distance between JODHPUR JN and BALOTRA JN is 113 kilometres. This distance is generally travelled in 01h 47m. Q. Which is the fastest train from JODHPUR JN to BALOTRA JN?

How to cancel or reschedule Jodhpur to Balotra bus ticket?

A: Yes, redBus makes cancelling or rescheduling the bus tickets extremely easy for passengers. You can reschedule your Jodhpur to Balotra bus ticket by entering the ticket details and choosing a future date of traveling. Confirm the rescheduled date of travel and pay the difference amount for the ticket.

What is the departure time of 54813 Ju-BME pass at Jodhpur Jn?

Departure time of 54813 JU-BME PASS at JODHPUR JN is 09:05. Its arrival time at BALOTRA JN is 11:35. It covers total distance of 113 kilometer in 02h 30m.

Why Balotra is the best place to visit?

Balotra has a lot to offer to anybody who visits this place. Apart from conveniently located drop-off points, Balotra has a lot to offer that would entice anyone who visits this place. With a number of sites to visit and restaurants to raid, Balotra has it all.