How far can a HAM radio reach with a repeater?

How far can a HAM radio reach with a repeater?

A repeater station located in the mountains, for example, may have a range of hundreds of miles, while a repeater located where the terrain is relatively flat, such as here in Southeast Michigan, the range will be more like 50 miles or less.

What is the standard repeater offset?

Most repeaters have a 600 KHz offset. It could plus or minus. The listed frequency is the repeater output, what your radio will receive. The offset is the shift the radio will do when you transmit.

Is 2-meter narrow or wide?

QRT. nd5y said: The 2 meter band in Europe has been narrowband with standardized 12.5 kHz channel spacing for decades. The channel spacing and the occupied bandwidth are two different things.

What does a ham radio repeater do?

An amateur radio repeater is an electronic device that receives a weak or low-level amateur radio signal and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power, so that the signal can cover longer distances without degradation.

How do you listen to Ham repeaters?

Select the repeater frequency.

  • Wait for a space between transmissions if the repeater is busy.
  • Key your mic and state…”Emergency,Emergency,Emergency” unkey.
  • Wait for a response from the repeater users. If you get no response,try another repeater.
  • What is the best dual band mobile ham radio?

    Kenwood TM-V71A: Top Quality Mobile Ham Transceiver. While on a 440 MHZ and 2 meters; this mobile radio has a high performance.

  • TYT TH-9800 Review: Best Ham Radio For Car. This TYT TH-9800 model comes with the design of the quad-band transmitter and twin receiver.
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  • What ham radio frequencies can you use?

    You need to take a test that covers radio basics and then some other stuff too. Then you can use all the ham bands from 1.8 MHz through 29.7 MHz (HF), 50 MHz, 144 MHz (VHF) and 440 MHz (UHF). You are allowed up to 1500 watts of power. The Amateur Extra Class License – This is the most difficult license to get.

    How to find important ham radio frequencies?

    AM/FM Stations To Monitor During an Emergency.

  • Shortwave Broadcasts To Listen to During Times of Crisis.
  • Amateur Radio: Intel from Ham Radio Broadcasts.
  • HF Utility: Maritime,Aviation and Utility Frequencies.
  • Police,Fire,EMS and First Responder Frequencies.
  • FRS,GMRS,MURS Frequncies.