How do you unlock Staunton Island in GTA 3?

How do you unlock Staunton Island in GTA 3?

In order to reach Staunton Island, players will need to complete the “Last Requests” mission for Salvatore, which is unlocked following the completion of the fantastic money-making mission, “Bomb Da Base: Act II.” Rather than heading to the location that Salvatore instructs them to go to at the beginning of the mission …

How do you get the full map on GTA 3?

You will have to navigate using nothing but the minimap in the bottom corner. After a while you should get the hang of it as the game map is quite small and there aren’t too many dead ends that you can get stuck in assuming you have learned your way around the map.

Where is the Yardie car in GTA 3?

To find a Yardie Lobo, head to Newport on Staunton Island. A place to find them most often is near where you get the missions from Asuka. She will be living in an apartment block near the blocks.

Where is Ammunation in GTA 3?

GTA 3: All Ammu-Nation Locations The first one is present in Saint Mark’s District, in Portland, the second one is located in the Newport District, on Staunton Island, the tried one, which is also known as Phil’s Army Surplus, can be found at the north of Rockford district, in Staunton Island.

How do you cross the Callahan bridge in GTA 3?

Despite being temporarily unusable in GTA III, the player can in fact cross the damaged bridge on foot even before completing the first mission by carefully jumping from one dangling bar to another, allowing them access to both Staunton and Shoreside Vale.

What mission do you unlock the third island in GTA 3?

In order to unlock Shoreside Vale, players will need to complete the “Grand Theft Aero” mission for Donald Love, which becomes available once players have finished “A Drop in the Ocean.” The mission requires players to travel to Francis International Airport in Shoreside Vale and retrieve a package from Love’s private …

What does a Yardie car look like in Grand Theft Auto 3?

It also appears with only a red body color and a yellow soft top in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The vehicle resembles a 1971-1975 Chevrolet Impala Sport/Custom Coupe and 1971-1975 Caprice Coupe in the overall design while the front is based on the 1975-1976 Caprice and 1976 Impala.

How do you get the M16 in GTA 3?

The M16 in GTA 3 can be purchased from Phil Cassidy’s Army Surplus, for a price of $5,000. It becomes available after completing the mission Arms Shortage in Story Mode. The M16 also Spawns at the player’s safehouse after collecting 90 Hidden Packages.