How do you tweet Q&A?

How do you tweet Q&A?

You must include the hashtag #QandA (don’t use @QandA or reply to our account) in your tweet so that it appears in the stream that Q+A monitors for broadcast. Copy and paste this hashtag into every tweet about the show.

What happened to QandA?

Jones hosted his final episode of Q&A on Monday 9 December 2019, and the program was renamed Q+A from the first episode of 2020, hosted by Macdonald. In February 2021, Q+A moved back to its original timeslot of Thursday night at 8:30 pm.

Who is doing Q&A?

Journalist and current co-host of Ten’s The Project, Hamish Macdonald, has been confirmed as the host of the ABC’s panel program Q&A for 2020.

How do you make a curious cat on Twitter?

By signing into your Twitter account through the Curious Cat website (, you have the ability to post questions anonymously or publicly to someone that can be answered by that person. You can also “confess” something through Curious Cat, either posting as your Twitter account or as an anonymous user.

How do you prepare for a Twitter interview?

If you want to leave a strong impression, it’s important to make your cover letter and resume relevant to the role you’re applying for. Go through the job listing and include keywords they may be looking for. Make sure that you know Twitter and their history to prepare yourself for questions related to cultural fit.

Why did Hamish quit Q&A?

Earlier this year Hamish Macdonald revealed that he had stepped away from social media. Credit: Kelly Defina/Getty Images, The move comes after months of low ratings for the program, which was moved from its regular Monday night 9.35pm timeslot to 8.30 on Thursday nights when it re-launched this year.

Where is Hamish from Q and A?

Hamish Macdonald (born 18 May 1981) is an Australian broadcast journalist and news presenter living in Sydney.

What does Qanda stand for?


Acronym Definition
QANDA Question and Answer

Is Curious Cat automatically anonymous?

No, not quite. The website describes it as follows: Curious Cat is a Q&A social network used by one million people every day, where you can ask and receive questions, sometimes anonymously. It’s great to know new people, or engage with your followers from other social networks.”

Is Curious Cat free?

Curious Cat is a free, small-scale social networking tool that allows you to connect with your followers by providing them with the appropriate tools to communicate with you, and you back to them, either anonymously or publicly. It is a question and answer system that allows people to ask you questions.

Is getting job at Twitter hard?

Although Twitter is a big tech company, getting a job there isn’t too difficult. You can apply for an IT job at Twitter as long as you can demonstrate that you have mastered the most common skills you need to succeed in tech.