How do you read an ATEX code?

How do you read an ATEX code?

The ATEX suffix gets into the detail of how the device is protected from causing an explosion when installed in a hazardous area and what that hazard conditions are. The ATEX suffix always starts with Ex to indicate Explosion Protection and is then followed by 4 more sections whether it is for Gas or Dust applications.

What does it mean to be ATEX certified?

potentially explosive atmospheres
“ATEX Certification is a certification of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in the European Union. Equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in the United States must have the specific mark of one of the NRTLs recognized to test and certify this type of equipment.” [

How do you read hazardous area classification?

Hazardous locations are categorized by class, group, and division as follows. Class I: Denotes areas where flammable gas, vapor, or liquid is present. Class II: Denotes areas where combustible dust is present. Class III: Denotes areas where ignitable fibers are present.

What is required for ATEX certification?

ATEX certification is given to equipment that has gone through rigorous testing outlined by European Union directives. Products that are ATEX compliant have been and proved safe to use in specific environments with explosive atmospheres, according to the zone/s they are certified to be used in.

What is the symbol for intrinsically safe?

Intrinsic safety (denoted by “i” in the ATEX and IECEx Explosion Classifications) is one of several available methods for electrical equipment.

How do you know if a camera is intrinsically safe?

A camera is Intrinsically safe if it passes rigorous testing and certification standards. Potentially Explosive Atmospheres exist where there is a risk of explosion due to mixtures of gas/air, vapor/air, dust/air, or other flammable combinations.

What is an Atex code?

What is an ATEX coding? The ATEX code is an alphanumeric string that denotes the certification achieved by the product along with the environment and conditions it is suitable for. The code can be broken down into a prefix, for example: CE0518 Ex II 2 G and suffix, for example: Ex d IIC T6 Gb.

What is the difference between ATEX certification and ATEX approval?

ATEX Certification and ATEX Approval are precisely the same things, simply using different words. To eliminate confusion, pick your favourite and stick with it. In the E.U., ATEX Approval is required for equipment that is to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

What does the ATEX marking mean?

Our ATEX marking means: II – all other explosive areas (all except mining) 2 – can be used in zones 1 or 21 (area in which under normal operation a potentially explosive atmosphere can occasionally form)

How do I comply with ATEX/IECEx regulations?

To comply with ATEX/IECEx regulations, all equipment and protective systems that are used in hazardous areas must be marked legibly and indelibly with a specific set of letters/numbers.