How do you put a zipper on a book sleeve?

How do you put a zipper on a book sleeve?

Open one of your folded recess pieces, folded edge to the left. With the zipper teeth and the slider facing up, tuck the zipper into the fold, aligning the right side edges of the zipper and the fabric at the center marks. Sandwich the zipper in the fabric, pin the edges together and sew along the outer edge.

How do I make a book sleeve?

DIY Book Sleeve Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Cut out 6 pieces 20cm wide by 24cm high (2 for the outer, 2 for the lining , 2 fusible wadding).
  2. Fuse the wadding to the outer fabric by pressing with the iron.
  3. Join the top of the outer fabric to the lining.
  4. Press the seam.
  5. Match up front and back with right sides facing.

How do you make a zipper Sandwich on a sewing machine?

Make a zipper sandwich using your bottom lining and your bottom main piece. For the sandwich, your lining is facing right side up, following by zipper right side up, followed by outer main fabric right side down. Pin and sew down using the zipper foot on your machine.

How do you sew a backpack strap to a zipper?

Sew down with your zipper foot. You can then top stitch around your zipper. Take the strap you made earlier and sew on top of the main back piece so that the strap is facing down towards the main back piece.

What kind of fabric can I use for an iPad case?

Nautical iPad Mini Case This case holds not only your iPad, but also the charging cord. This particular one was made with anchor fabric and striped trim, giving it a nautical feel… but you could use any fabric you want. You could try plaid fabric to give it bit of a hipster vibe, or canvas for a utilitarian look.

What is an iPad Cozy made of?

This super soft iPad cozy is made of fleece and cut with pinking sheers, giving it a bit of a whimsical look. It’s a great option for at-home iPad use.