How do you handicap a 2 person shamble?

How do you handicap a 2 person shamble?


  1. Shamble: All four players tee off.
  2. 2-Man Best Ball: Stroke play.
  3. 2-Man Scramble: Both players will tee off.
  4. 4-Man 2 Best Ball: Pop your card according to Assignment of Strokes.
  5. 2-Man 6-6-6: Holes 1 – 6 played best ball; holes 7 – 12 played scramble; holes 13 – 18 played scotch.

What is a 2 person shamble?

The event format is a two-person modified scramble (shamble). Each player hits a tee-shot, the team selects the best tee-shot and each player plays their own ball from that point until it is holed. The lower of the two scores, is the team score for the hole.

What are the rules for shamble?

They each hit their shot from that location and the same routine ensues – the best shot is selected and all golfers play that shot until the ball is holed out. In a “Shamble,” each golfer tees off and the best shot is selected, but from that point, each golfer plays his or her own ball until it is holed out.

How do you calculate handicap for a scramble?

Handicap each team as follows: 20% of the A-player’s handicap, plus 15% of the B, 10% of the C and 5% of the D. Add the results, round off the total to a whole number and that is the team’s handicap.

How do you score a shamble?

Scoring in a Shamble Tournament

  1. The one low ball of the golfers on the team can be the team score.
  2. The two low balls combined, or three low balls combined.
  3. The lowest score combined with the highest score among the team members can be the team score.

How is 2-person handicap scramble calculated?

Add 35 percent of the best player’s handicap to 15 percent of the second-best player’s handicap for a two-person team. The best player is the golfer with the lowest handicap. For example, if a team’s golfers have handicaps of 10 and 20, add 35 percent of 10 (3.5) to 15 percent of 20 (3) for a total of 6.5.

How do you handicap a two man best ball?

This is a 2-person team event. The person with the lowest handicap of the team has his/her net ball count only on the Odd Number Holes. The person with the higher handicap of the two has his/her net ball count only on the Even Number Holes. The 2-person team with the lowest net score for 18-holes is the winner.

How does a two man shamble work?

Shamble Format: 2-Man Team selects the one BEST tee shot, then BOTH players play their own ball from that position into the hole. Record the better score. Signing up online is fast and easy! AND there are no surcharges!

How do you score a golf shamble?

What is a Shamble in Golf?

  1. A “Shamble” is a golf format where every member on a team of 2-4 golfers hits a tee shot.
  2. Usually, the best score from one individual member of a team is used for the team’s score on each hole, though sometimes the lowest 2-3 scores are factored into the team’s score.

What is a 3 man shamble?

In a shamble, each player will tee off. The group will select the ball in the best position and all three players on the team will play their own ball in from the selected position. The team score will be the aggregate total of the 3 scores. Each team must use 3 drives per player.

How are Greensomes handicaps calculated?

To calculate a handicap in Greensomes, the Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) recommends it should be 0.6 of the lower player’s handicap and 0.4 of the higher player’s. If both handicaps are equal, it should be half the combined total.

How much will a shambles format reduce your handicap?

But in a shambles format, because teams are playing their shots from the same positions on the course, players are required to reduce their handicap by around 25%.

What are handicap allowances?

Handicap allowances are designed to provide equity for players of all levels of ability in each format of play, over both 9 holes and 18 holes. Handicap allowances are applied to the Course Handicap as the final step in calculating a player’s Playing Handicap (see Rule 6.1 Course Handicap Calculation and Rule 6.2 Playing Handicap Calculation ).

How do shamble handicap tournaments work?

Once your shamble handicap has been adjusted accordingly, golf tournament organizers can then work out your net score for the tournament, average that with your team, and compare that to your competitors. There are many variations on the rules you can incorporate to liven up your game.

What is a 2-person shamble in golf?

In a 2-person shamble, teams can either play stroke play against the larger group of teams in the golf tournament or match play against the other team in their foursome. Scoring is also limited to the one or two best scores of the team.