How do you get sponsors for horse shows?

How do you get sponsors for horse shows?

Sponsorship Tips for Horse Show Managers

  1. Be professional in your approach.
  2. Be realistic, creative and flexible.
  3. Have a great social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. As soon as a brand commits, post an announcement.
  5. Give them the spotlight!
  6. Give exclusives!

Do you have to wear a stock for British dressage?

Quest competitions are more relaxed – no jackets required! While full BD classes require you to wear a riding jacket. You’ll need a hat to the correct standards and correct foot/leg attire. Gloves are mandatory but can be any colour.

Are breastplates allowed in British dressage?

Neck straps, breastplates, balancing straps (a loop at the front of the saddle), breast girths and cruppers are allowed.

What is a horse sponsor?

A sponsor provides financial support to pay for a rider’s and sometimes a horse’s expenses. Expenses can include travel, food, and lodging, show fees, care and feeding of the horse, equipment, and so on. Sponsors can be wealthy individuals or families with great interest in the sport and/or can be corporations.

How do you get sponsored by SmartPak?

Interested in a Sponsorship? You just want to ride, and we just want to help, which is why SmartPak is happy to offer sponsorships for horse shows and events! It’s easy to apply, all you need to do is submit the form below at least 2 months prior to your event.

Can you wear a Coloured stock in dressage?

Most dark neutral colours are permitted; avoid any patterns or bright colours. Tweed (hacking) jackets are also an acceptable choice for dressage.

Can you wear a GREY show jacket for dressage?

For British Dressage competitions there are a number of rules governing riders’ attire which must be followed. In accordance with the British Dressage rules, a conservative coloured dark jacket should be worn at preliminary to advanced levels. So that’s a yes to navy, grey, black and tweed jackets!

Can you carry a whip in dressage?

No whip of any kind may be carried whilst competing in the dressage test. One whip only, no longer than 120cm including lash, may be carried when riding on the flat at any other time.

Are ear bonnets legal in dressage?

9. Ear plugs. Ear plugs and ear muffs are, under penalty of elimination, prohibited. Exception: Ear plugs are permitted at prize-giving ceremonies for horses competing at any level, including High Performance classes.