How do you cite a website address?

How do you cite a website address?

Author’s Last name, First name. Title of the Article or Individual Page. Title of the Website, Name of the Publisher, Date of Publication in Day Month Year format, URL.

How do you footnote a website?

Format for footnotes for a document from the web: A. Author, ‘Title of Document’, Name of Website in Italics, Place of Publication, Name of Publisher, year, page number, http://url, (accessed day month year).

Do you put URL in footnotes?

Include the URL at the end of the citation. If the URL is not available, then include the name of the database where you got the article. 1. First name Last name, “Article Name,” Magazine Title, Month and year of publication, [page if given], URL/ Database name.

How do you cite a long URL?

Answer. When a DOI or URL is long or complex, you may use a shortened version of that URL in your reference as long as it links to the correct location. For DOI numbers, you can use the shortDOI service provided by the International DOI Foundation located at

What is period in URL?

As other answers have noted, periods are allowed in URLs, however you need to be careful. If a single or double period is used in part of a URL’s path, the browser will treat it as a change in the path, and you may not get the behavior you want. For example: redirects to

Is Dot allowed in URL?

From a technical standpoint, there is nothing preventing us from using dots (.) in URLs. However, from a usability standpoint, literal dots can be a cause of confusion. I personally avoid using a slash “/” at the end of article URLs based on the idea that a slash would indicate a directory or an index.

How many dots can a URL have?

Why do my URLs have two dots?

Do you put a period after a website address?

Yes, you must put a period at the end of a sentence, even if the sentence ends with a URL (or email address). If you don’t have that option, then consider moving the URL so that it doesn’t fall at the end of a sentence or anywhere else that punctuation might be required.

How do you write a URL link?

To make a hyperlink in an HTML page, use the and tags, which are the tags used to define the links. The tag indicates where the hyperlink starts and the tag indicates where it ends. Whatever text gets added inside these tags, will work as a hyperlink. Add the URL for the link in the .

What is the format for a URL?

Most web browsers display the URL of a web page above the page in an address bar. A typical URL could have the form , which indicates a protocol ( http ), a hostname ( ), and a file name ( index.

How do I format a link?

Here’s how:Click the cell with the hyperlink. On the Home tab, right-click the Hyperlink style and pick Modify. In the Style box, click Format.Click Font, choose your formatting options and click OK.Click OK to close the Style box.