How do you bypass the anti theft system on a 2001 Ford f150?

How do you bypass the anti theft system on a 2001 Ford f150?


  1. Insert the key into the driver’s side door lock.
  2. Turn the key once, but not all the way to unlock the door. Leave the key in this position for 40-60 seconds.
  3. Do this again, but turn the key in the opposite direction.
  4. Remove the key from the door, get into your Ford, and start the engine. The system should be reset.

What is theft mode on a Ford f150?

The Ford F-150 is equipped with a passive anti-theft system (PATS) which is an alarm and engine immobilization system. It’s designed to help stop your truck from being stolen by preventing the engine from starting unless a correctly coded integrated keyhead transmitter is used.

How do you start a 2001 Ford F-150 without the key?

The easiest way to start a Ford F-150 without a key is to use a flat-head screwdriver as leverage. You simply put the flat head of the screwdriver into the ignition and turn it as you would your normal key.

Does a 2001 Ford F-150 have a chip in the key?

The 2001 Ford F-150’s key is equipped with a computer or transponder chip for security purposes. The chip is unique to the vehicle’s VIN and ignition and another key will be unable to start the vehicle, unless first progRammed.

Can Ford disable PATS system?

Not only professionals can bypass the pats system, but also normal humans can do so. The only requirement is the transponder key used to deceive the system so that it believes that there is no theft-taking place in the vehicle.

Where is the Pats module on a Ford?

The PATS control module is a standalone module located behind the dash on the left side.

How do you start a 2001 Ford f150 without the key?

How do I bypass Ford Pats?

To Wrap Things Up From what we found, it is possible to bypass your car’s PATS system, although doing this usually means Ford will have to reprogram your keys. You can also try attaching one of your PATS keys inside your steering column, which will allow you to bypass it for everyday driving.

Is there a way to bypass Ford PATS system?

Does a 2001 Ford f150 have a chip in the key?