How do you become a Hkie member?

How do you become a Hkie member?

There are Corporate Members and other membership classes in the HKIE….Member is a qualified professional engineer who has:

  1. attained the age of 25,
  2. obtained an accredited/recognised degree or the equivalent in an acceptable engineering discipline,
  3. received adequate training,
  4. had sufficient responsible experience, and.

What do engineers do Hkie?

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, as an academic body in the engineering field in Hong Kong, has a publication HKIE Transactions. Published quarterly since 1994, the HKIE Transactions provides a platform for engineers to discuss various aspects of engineering from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

How do I become a chartered engineer in Hong Kong?

Register as a chartered engineer Once you graduate with your bachelor’s degree, you can then apply for certification as a chartered engineer with the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers. To register, fill in the application form, present proof of your qualifications as an engineer and pay the registration fee.

What does IR stand for in engineering?

I agree that “IR” in engineering usually means “infrared”. sometimes it is used for “Industrial Relations”, and less often for “International Relations”.

How long does it take to get Chartered Engineer?

Overall, it takes a minimum of eight years — but most often at least 10 years — of university education and postgraduate training to achieve the Chartered Engineer qualification.

What is IR in title?

The title “Ir” was first introduced by IEM in the early 1970s for both the graduate and corporate members of the Institution. The amendment to the Registration of Engineers Act in 1987 provided for the use of the title “Ir” to registered professional engineers only.

How much do chartered engineers earn in the UK?

Latest Engineering Council research reveals the average engineers’ salary has increased by £13,000 since 2010.

What is difference between CSE and IT engineering?

CSE: the student’s study designing, implementing, and managing information systems of both software and hardware processes. IT: the students study the area which involves installation, development, and implementation of computer systems and applications.

Can software engineers get IR?

After three years as a graduate engineer, you can apply to become a professional engineer and earn your IR title.

How do engineers get IR?

How can one achieve IR status? After graduation, an engineer needs to register with Board of Engineers Malaysia to be a graduate engineer. After a few years of practical experience (supervised by a professional engineer), the graduate engineer can apply to sit for Professional Interview (with IEM).