How do you Analyse a magazine article?

How do you Analyse a magazine article?

  1. Step 1: Get a feel for the article’s contents.
  2. Step 2: Investigate any information you don’t understand.
  3. Step 3: Summarize the main points in your own words.
  4. Step 4: Formulate your own opinion on the subject matter.
  5. Step 5: Implement your newly acquired Knowledge.

What is a magazine media studies?

Magazines are associated with, what is known as, ‘me time’. Magazines can be general interest for mainstream audiences or specialist interest for niche audiences. Magazines for mainstream audiences include: Grazia.

What are the main features of a magazine?

Magazines have structure

  • Cover pages.
  • Front-of-book content, which may include columns (including an editorial), letters to the editor, news, quick-hit trend pieces and publisher-focused content.
  • The feature well, typically two to five long-form articles that are more extensively reported and more creatively designed.

What is a magazine puff?

noun. a flattering newspaper or magazine article about a person or an organization.

How do you write a media analysis?

When writing the analysis, begin with an executive summary that includes an introduction, the purpose of the analysis, and its major findings. The executive summary is followed by the methodology, the topic analysis, the framing analysis, the spokesperson analysis, and conclusions and recommendations.

What are the codes and conventions of magazines?

Magazine Covers use codes and conventions such as:

  • Masthead (title)
  • Selling lines.
  • Coverlines.
  • Strapline / slogans.
  • Price/barcode.
  • Cover image/model/celebrity.

What are the elements of a magazine cover?

Elements of a Magazine Cover

  • Banner (sometimes called “nameplate”)
  • Tagline.
  • Image.
  • Cover blurbs.
  • UPC code.
  • Price.
  • Date/Volume number.

How important is advertising to the magazine industry media studies?

Why is printed advertising still important to magazines, newspapers and other forms of print media? Printed advertising is the primary source of funding of local and national newspapers and also magazines – the revenue drawn from advertisers ensures that the production values of the text can be maintained.

What is magazine design?

Magazine layout is about creating a harmonious relationship between text, images, and white space. If you use a graphic design tool such as CorelDRAW, you’ll find it simple to drag and drop elements into place and make edits as necessary. You may have to move elements around to get the desired look.

What is a media analysis?

Media analyses can be used to identify messages, examine how those messages are framed, and see how existing coverage of an issue could be improved. These analyses entail systematically taking a “slice” of media coverage from a set time-frame, often in the top daily newspapers, magazines and broadcast news outlets.

What is the masthead of a magazine?

The masthead is placed at the very top of the page and therefore is the first thing a person sees. The title of the magazine itself is onomatopoeic and can be referred to the noise a guitar makes when a power chord is struck.

What makes a good NME magazine?

NME, which is also informal, uses language that will appeal to indie music fans. A magazine contents page lists all of its content including regular pages and special features. The audience (or readers) will normally expect to find regular pages in the same place for each editon.

What makes a magazine attractive to buyers?

Analysing a Magazine A magazine’s cover is the most important element, in terms of how it appeals to potential buyers At a glance, you can generally tell if a magazine is going to satisfy your interests, outlook and aspirations. Different magazines have distinct house styles that convey their brand identity.