How do students login to Connected?

How do students login to Connected?

The Simplified Login option in ConnectED allows students to log in using icons for their username and password instead of the standard alphanumeric characters. Your teacher will provide you with a unique username and password, as well as a specific URL where you will access your account.

How do I log into connected?

Enter ConnectED displays the Login page (Figure 2.1). 2. Enter your Username and Password and click the Login button.

What is connect used for?

1 : to join or link together connect two wires A hallway connects the two rooms. 2 : to have something to do with She’s not in any way connected to the crime. 3 : to bring together in thought I connect the smell of barbequed food with summer.

How do I access McGraw Hill Connect?

When registering for Connect, navigate to the Connect section URL provided by your instructor. From there, you have 3 registration options: Use a Connect access code. Purchase Connect Access.

How do I log into my McGraw Hill Connect app?

Follow the normal process to install the free McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED app. Once installed, launch the app and enter the same username and password used to log in at This is the same username and password you use to access your ConnectED programs.

Is there a McGraw Hill Connect app?

Download the free app for iOS or Android and log in with your existing McGraw Hill credentials. You’ll then have access to all eBooks associated with your purchased curriculum. To ensure eBook content can be accessed when offline, the eBook or necessary chapters will need to be downloaded.

How do I access my connect book?

Full Ebook Access within Connect

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email and password (school email address and whichever password you used to register for the course in Blackboard)
  3. Click on the course associated with the ebook you want to access.